Setting up your mind to undergo a cosmetic procedure and gaining the courage to actually have it must be hard decisions. The reason is that these procedures are not cheap and might affect your looks for the rest of your life. You must ensure that the outcome will be as you want it to be, and also ensure that the results will be long-lasting. After your cosmetic surgery in Turkey, there’s some points you need to take into consideration, such as what you eat.

Surely you’ll also have to follow a diet prior to the surgery, otherwise you might react badly to the anaesthesia or your blood values might drop, which will result in your surgeon cancelling your surgery. However, only counting what you eat before you’re in the operating theatre surely is not enough. You simply can’t jump into junk food after your surgery if you want your recovery to go smoothly. 

Here are our tips that will keep you fresh and light after your cosmetic surgery in Turkey;

Forget about junk food for a little while

You don’t have to eat all the fatty food that’s coming your way, it’s unhealthy. They will also make your immune system heavy and will cause bloating. The last thing you will need after your cosmetic surgery in Turkey is to have a hard time with your stomach. Salty food is also not recommended as it will be harder to get rid of the swelling after your surgery. You will also have to be careful not to put on any weight. For example, if you had a liposuction surgery, junk food will get you where you started so you’ll probably have a second liposuction.

No alcohol for a some time

You definitely should avoid alcohol after your surgery as it will make your blood thinner, so you will be bleeding more and it’ll be hard to stop it. This will in turn affect your recovery reversely. You’ll also be taking medication, such as antibiotics. Consuming alcohol and antibiotics are not recommended as it’s believed that alcohol reduces the effectiveness of the antibiotics. They also have the same side effects, such as nausea and dizziness. In addition to that, alcohol can prolong your recovery time, so it’s not the best idea. Another thing to keep in mind is to stop smoking during your recovery process as well. 

Eat veggies

Vegetables are easy to digest and will make your digestive system more relaxed. You can also consume lots of vitamins and minerals by eating them so you don’t have to take additional supplements. Considering that these supplements can be a bit pricey, it’s wise to eat veggies and get the vitamins through them. Dark green vegetables, red onions, spinach, broccoli, avocado and apple are highly recommended.

Stay Hydrated

Drink water everyday, at least 2 bottles. It’ll help you stay hydrated and feel fuller so you’ll need less junk food. You can also consume water rich foods in between your meals, such as cucumbers and melons. Your body will go into a recovery phase after your surgery and your metabolism will slow down. Green tea and lemon water can help you overcome this after your surgery. Lastly, avoid too much caffeine intake, as it will affect your sleep and will make you more dehydrated.

Boost Your Immune System with These Foods

While your body is trying to heal itself, your immune system might become weaker and you can be more prone to getting sick. Try to add foods that will boost your immune system to your diet. These foods are garlic, onion, yoghurt or other fermented foods. You can try kombucha and kefir as snacks. They will be supportive for your body and recovery.

To Sum It Up

It might be pricey to have a cosmetic surgery, however with these easy steps we mentioned above, you can have a smooth recovery and guarantee long lasting results after your cosmetic surgery in Turkey. Your body will have so much to heal after the surgery, so it’s wise to support it’s recovery process with the food you consume.

You can also conduct your doctor about what to eat after your surgery. They are specialists in this field and will suggest you the best foods to eat, and also to avoid.


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