The idea of going to a casino is one that is associated with spending a lot of money in a luxurious and exciting place. A lot of the casinos on offer have beautiful décor, great food and guests who look fabulous. This idea of a casino being a luxurious place is one that online casinos have tried to recreate through the design and features of their sites.

Online casinos offer similar games and prizes to those at real casinos so why not get to experience that luxurious atmosphere from the comfort of your home? We are going to look at how online casinos are able to manufacture a luxurious atmosphere and how casino sites like Lucky Admiral offer great extra features.

Many of the casino websites on offer take a lot of time in designing their sites. Some websites opt for a gold and black theme which is associated with money and luxury. This tends to attract a different type of clientele than those who would be more interested in a fun and friendly slot site. Those who choose to visit sites that represent the true casino feel often do so because they want to experience a real casino. The graphics on these sites are often of great quality and tend to include images of real roulette tables or blackjack dealers.

Lucky Admiral Design

The popular online and mobile casino, Lucky Admiral, is one which attempts to give off a sense of luxury through its design. The graphics on this site are great and show that a lot of effort has been put into the design. There are a lot of gold coins about to site to symbolise the money that you could be winning. The quality of the games on this site are also great as you spin the wheel and win big on Roulette. Lucky Admiral is one of the best UK mobile casino sites on offer, so you should check it out


Online Casino VIP Schemes

One of the things that online casinos like to do is introduce VIP schemes for their players. This means that players are rewarded for simply playing their favourite games and winning money. This loyalty scheme is great and as the players move up in the VIP rankings, they’ll feel great. This helps to add to the theme of luxury as luxury is associated with being a very important person. Most casino websites that offer loyalty or VIP schemes organise their players into different VIP categories such as Bronze to Platinum or numbers from 1 to 5. As a player moves up a level, they are usually rewarded with more prizes. This can include anything from weekly cashback to special VIP promotions.

You’ll also find that some websites offer personal account managers with their VIP schemes. This creates a really good image for the site and makes the player feel like they are getting a personal touch like they might get at a real life luxurious casino. These account managers are there to make sure that you are getting help with everything you need. A casino review site will help you find the best VIP schemes, try comparing schemes via Top Casino Bonus.

VIP Scheme at Lucky Admiral

At Lucky Admiral, the VIP scheme is for ‘Very Important Pirates’ which matches their pirate theme. VIP schemes at Lucky Admiral have five different levels that players can progress through. The different levels available are Newbie, Expert, Pro, VIP and the top level, Legend. To be able to progress through these amazing VIP levels at Lucky Admiral, you’ll need to collect Kudos. One Kudos is collected for every £1 that is deposited on the site. This is great for those players who want to enjoy the luxurious lifestyle and be rewarded for all of the money that they are putting into this great casino site.

The first level that you will start off at is Newbie. With this level come the standard perks, you’ll receive a birthday bonus and a free 5 spins for collecting up to 100 Kudos. Once you’ve managed to surpass 100 Kudos, you’ll reach the Expert level which offers a great 1% weekly cashback. You’ll also get a birthday bonus and 5 free spins. For those VIP players who manage to reach the Pro level, you’ll receive 3% weekly cashback, 10 free spins and a birthday bonus for collecting 1,001 or more Kudos.

The VIP level at Lucky Admiral is achieved by collecting a huge 2,501 Kudos. With this level, you’ll be able to enjoy a birthday bonus, 15 free spins and 5% weekly cashback. For players that are entirely dedicated to this site and manage to collect over 5,000 Kudos, they’ll be rewarded with the title of Legend. The highest level of this VIP scheme will give you a birthday bonus, 20 free spins and a 10% weekly cashback bonus.

As you can see the rewards for playing at Lucky Admiral get better the more that you play which is typical for any type of loyalty scheme. This can really help to encourage players to come back and can give off the idea that this site is luxurious. Although the atmosphere is manufactured, players still feel valued and they enjoy playing on these types of luxurious online casinos.

Final Thoughts

If you are planning on joining an online casino, we recommend choosing one of the more luxurious ones. This will give you more of a real casino feel and you’ll be able to enjoy the winning atmosphere from the comfort of your own home. You won’t be disappointed with the VIP schemes that are on offer at the various online casino sites. Every time you spin the wheel or roll the dice, you’ll be rewarded for your efforts. The design and quality of games on these sites will have you coming back for more and it is not surprising that these sites are some of the most popular on the market right now!


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