The world’s largest Original Newspaper archive,, today announces the launch of 16 new Ladybird books to its site.

The ranges are split into two audiences; grown-ups and children.
The new, grown-up-themed Ladybird Books help to bring historical and topical subjects from the past into present day, adding a modern twist to some of Ladybird’s well-loved classics. The range features 12 tongue-in-cheek, vintage-inspired books. 

Each new book is written in a ‘guide’ format, with titles and themes including;

The Husband / The Wife: A Ladybird Personalised Book, with content dedicated to explaining a husband’s or wife’s sometimes erratic and spontaneous actions

The Hangover: A Ladybird Personalised Book for Him/ Her/ Them, a survival-guide on how to cope with a hangover and the measures adults take to get to a certain level of intoxication

Mindfulness: A Ladybird Personalised Book for Him/ Her/ Them, a step-by-step guide to achieving calm and tranquillity whilst pretending to be ‘adult’

The Mid-life Crisis: A Ladybird Personalised Book for Him/ Her/ Them, tips and advice to deal with an inevitable mid-life crisis

Football: A Ladybird Personalised Book, an informative book filled with illustrated facts and figures regarding the beautiful game.

Each book is written by bestselling authors Jason Hazeley and Joel Morris, and features artwork from the original Ladybird books. The books can be personalised with any name, which will feature throughout the book, and a message on the title page.

Kevin Sears, Ecommerce director at, said: “We’re very pleased to be able to announce the launch of our new grown-up-themed Ladybird books.

Not only do these books address a range of popular subjects and issues from the past but have been presented in an incredibly light-hearted manner, providing a sense of nostalgia in a humorous way. The addition of the personalisation options allows customers to add a unique touch to this unusual gift,” he adds.


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