The Greater Manchester Law Centre (GMLC) have issued an appeal for 159 supporters to set up donations in order to keep their premises at 159 Princess Road, Moss Side.

 “20 people donating £10 per month will help us to keep our interview rooms”, states their appeal. “We have 6 interview rooms which allow for confidentiality and privacy. It is in here that our clients receive free, high quality legal advice and representation with our professional caseworkers, from help with benefit application forms to preparing for a tribunal”.

 GMLC are seeking supporters to fund their reception desks, interview rooms, waiting areas, caseworker desks and volunteer training room. The total number of new donors needed to reach their target is 159 – the same as their door number on Princess Road.

 “We rely entirely on donations and contributions”, says GMLC Chair John Nicholson. GMLC provides free legal advice and representation, almost entirely provided by volunteers. Since opening in August 2016, they have won back over half a million pounds for disability benefit claimants. Their appeal reads: “Neither GMLC nor our caseworkers take a penny of this, because it rightfully belongs to our clients”.

 The full appeal can be found on GMLC’s website,



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