Car thefts in 2020/21 in England and Wales were 89.4 thousand. Although this is staggering, the numbers are lower than the previous year.  Even though there was a rise in thefts, the numbers in 2002 and 2003 were enormous at 307 thousand.

Car theft is a concern we all live with, whether our cars are brand new, expensive or not. You feel helpless knowing someone is riding around out there in your car, selling it or stripping it for parts. On top of that, your car insurance is only going to pay a fraction of what your car is worth. You need and deserve to have peace of mind that your car will have a security system that really works, making it far too difficult for a thief to steal.

Seasoned car thieves can figure out how to get around most car security systems, until now. Ghost 2 Immobiliser is the newest security system to enter the marketplace and it delivers what it promises. So, what makes Ghost Immobiliser better than almost all other car security systems?

The Downside To Vehicle Security Systems

Security systems for vehicles have drastically improved over the years but there are some weak spots that should be addressed. The majority of security systems rely on devices such as remote control or a key fob to arm or disarm the system. Unfortunately, this device can be weak and easily copied or stolen.  A lot of security systems operate using radio signals but with the right equipment, the signal can be interrupted while in use or copied to unlock your vehicle.

Most security systems have LED indicators that can give away the location or presence of the system.  In turn, this makes it much easier for thieves to get to the system and disarm it. 

About Ghost Immobiliser

Created by Autowatch, Ghost Immobiliser, is one of the newest vehicle security systems on the market to date.

Ghost is actually quite unique in comparison to other devices. The Ghost Immobiliser installation is concealed within the car’s electrical wiring. It merges with the Controller Area Network (CAN) of your vehicle.  The CAN network allows seamless communication between various electronic modules of the vehicle without using any additional wiring.

The Ghost system communicates with your car’s Engine Control Unit (ECU) over the CAN bus. Installed correctly, it will not leave any signs of its presence.  Even a mechanic would have a hard time finding it during a quick inspection. The system has no relays, it operates without any sound, and cannot be detected using diagnostics.

Once the system is armed, it will not allow the engine to start unless a special sequence of keys are pressed. The disarm sequence or PIN must be manually entered. The PIN must be entered using the car’s existing buttons such as the steering wheel buttons, door panel buttons or buttons on the centre console. The presence of the device will not be detected because there are no special keypads and no LED indicators or other additions to give it away.

The PIN sequence can be set to between 4 to 20 keys long. It can also be set and changed at any time the owner chooses. Absolutely no one but the owner will know the PIN unless they decide to share it with somebody else.  The system also comes with a sealed and unique emergency code. This code can be used to reset the PIN if you ever forget the PIN sequence.

Once the engine has been switched off and the driver leaves the car, the system quietly rearms itself. For those who do not want to enter the PIN, Autowatch offers a smartphone app that can be set to disarm the system when the phone is within 10m of the car. It works using Bluetooth and up to 2 smartphones can be paired with it.


• Offers immobilisation by communicating with the ECU.

• The disarm sequence is through buttons on the steering wheel, door panel, or dash.

• Uses the onboard CAN data network.

• Changeable disarm sequence.

• No radio frequency signals are transmitted.

• Service or Valet mode means the disarm sequence is never in jeopardy.

• Offers a secure, unique emergency code if the disarm sequence has been 


• Mobile application can connect to 2 phones to allow for quick disarming.

Ghost Vs Other Security Systems

One great feature of the Ghost system, there are no devices like a key fob or the remote ability to disarm it. This prevents loopholes or weak spots that can unlock the device or steal or copy it. There are no radio signals transmitted by this system. There is no possibility of a middle man attacking the system.  This system is impossible to hack. 

If a thief knows there is a security system, it would be very easy to disarm. On the other hand, Ghost has no visible signs of existing in the car if it’s correctly installed and hidden within the car’s wiring. It’s much harder to disable the system and would be very difficult to do quickly. Also, it cannot be disabled by replacing the ECU of the car.

If your car needs to go in for a service, there is a service mode to partially disarm the system so you do not have to provide the PIN to the garage.  Also, the owner can reset the PIN if there is any suspicion that it has been compromised.

Service & Transport Modes

One of the most critical aspects of the Ghost Immobiliser is the PIN and it should never be shared with anyone. This can be somewhat hard to do if your car has to be serviced. On the upside, there is a service mode. With the service mode, you can disarm the system so the car can be started and safely driven.  The speed should not exceed 31 mph. If the limit is violated for a short period of time (between 3 to 15 mins) the system will automatically rearm itself. Should that happen, the PIN will have to be used to start the car when it comes to a stop.

The Ghost also has a transport mode that will let you disable the system completely until you enable it again. It can be used for repairs or services when the vehicle must be road tested at higher speeds for a longer period of time.

Compatibility & Installation

The Ghost can be installed without cutting wires and will not cause any risks of damage or malfunctions to the vehicle. It’s compatible with most newer cars and will not nullify your warranty if it’s set up by an approved garage.

It can take up to 2 hours to install the system, depending on the vehicle model. The system has a 3-year warranty and can be removed and installed on another vehicle if you change cars.

While the Ghost Immobiliser does prevent some loopholes used by thieves, keep in mind, just like other security devices, that it can be disabled once it has been found.  Therefore, it’s important it is installed so it’s hard to detect. The system is also TASSA Verified and ISO9001 Certified. You might even get a discount on your insurance premium if you have the Ghost Immobiliser installed on your vehicle.

There is nothing new about car thefts in the UK or elsewhere in the world but having protection for your car is really important. The Ghost Immobiliser is one of the newest devices and has shown excellent results for preventing thieves from breaking in and stealing cars.

Volksmaster are authorised installers of the Ghost Immobiliser, covering North Manchester and Manchester City Centre. If you are interested in securing your vehicle by utilising this latest innovative technology then please get in touch at


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