Franco Manca has announced a new, year-round, initiative to turn surplus dough into delicious, fresh sourdough bread to donate to local charities and soup kitchens.

The Neapolitan pizza pioneer will also continue its pledge to donate up to 40,000 pizzas to the homeless during the month of December, a tradition upheld over the past few years.

Additionally, staff have opted to work on Christmas day at selected pizzerias across the UK, to make hot sourdough pizzas for those going without warmth or comfort on the 25th itself.

The project supports Franco Manca’s plans to reduce food waste across each of its UK-based sites, a focus for the New Year. The business already employ a number of waste-reducing initiatives across its UK-based pizzerias including making fresh dough on site daily, advertising extra toppings across blackboards to diminish ingredient waste, offering customers a chance to take home leftovers, asking diners to not leave their crusts (cornicione) and regularly donating to food banks.

Operations Director at Franco Manca, Javed Akhtar, said:

“At Franco Manca, we always try back to our local communities. This year, we’re truly happy to announce that we are doubling our 2018 pledge by offering 40,000 pizzas to those who face a tough time over the festive period. We are so proud to extend this support around our pizzerias with the launch of a new and exciting year- round initiative delivering freshly baked pizzas made from our sourdough to charities and soup kitchens. Not only do we hope this will help those most in need for months to come, it will also support our aim to limit our food waste across the business, something we think should be a focus for all likeminded, conscious restaurants across the UK”

Collections can be organised via the on-site donations page,


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