Whether you’re working towards a degree qualification, learning a new skill, or simply want to broaden your knowledge, adult education is a brilliant opportunity. It’s never too late to take up a new area of study, but balancing education while working a full-time job can be tricky.

Adult learning is more popular than ever, so here are a few tips to help you juggle commitments. 

  •  Consider remote learning

Remote learning has been in the news lately as the pandemic forced schools to close and children to venture online for their tuition. Remote learning isn’t solely limited to schools, though. Popular apps like Duolingo have long been the favored way to learn languages. What’s more, the experts at thinqi.com have made online lessons more accessible than ever for businesses and employees. 

The biggest advantage of remote learning is that it saves time. It cuts out the commute and allows you to study from the comfort of your office or home. Every second is valuable when you’re juggling working with education, so taking a remote course can make a big difference. 


  • Don’t be afraid to go slow


It can be tempting and even exhilarating to go all out with a new adult learning course, but take a breath and remember that there are no prizes for finishing first! Learning is a marathon rather than a sprint. Many institutions, including colleges and universities, offer both full and part-time courses. 

Part-time courses offer all the same qualifications, the same lessons, and the same assignments just stretched over a longer period. That makes them far more time economical. It might take longer to receive your qualification, but part-time courses are far less intense and free up a great deal of time. Most universities will even offer top-level Ph.D. certifications for part-time learning.

  • Work with a goal in mind

Adult education takes many forms, but if you’re already busy with your career, it’s important to know exactly what you want out of your course. Whether that’s to lay the foundations for a new business, learn a new language or achieve a specific qualification, having a laser-sharp focus on your end goal will save a lot of time.

Maintaining this focus makes it easier to choose assignments, modules and helps you to tailor your education so that you get the best value for your time. It also means that you will have acquired all the skills you need and won’t need to pursue any supplementary education further down the line when you reach the end of your course.

  • Personal space

Personal space can seem like a luxury with a big family! It’s often at a premium, but you will need some time alone where adult learning is concerned. Whatever type of education you choose, some work will inevitably have to be done at home. If you go down the remote route, you’ll also need a quiet and private space for your lessons.

Finding that space can be difficult, but just closing the door and asking to be left in private while you work makes all the difference. Not only will it help you concentrate, but devoting time and space to your work gives it personal significance.


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