The roads can be a dangerous place for anybody, but particularly for cyclists who are vulnerable when they have to share the road with automobiles travelling at high speeds. It is unfortunate, but many cyclists are deterred from cycling because of how dangerous it can be despite the fact that it is an excellent form of exercise, cheaper than driving and better for the environment. While there will always be an element of risk attached to cycling, there are still a few important pieces of advice which should help you to stay as safe as possible while out on the roads.

Safety Equipment

Obviously, one of the most important pieces of advice is to make sure that you are always wearing the proper safety equipment, which can reduce any injury caused by a collision or falling off. This will include:

  • A high-quality helmet
  • Knee pads and elbow pads
  • A high visibility jacket (necessary if cycling at night or in poor visibility)

Cycle Safely

You can greatly reduce the chance of being involved in an accident by cycling safely and following the rules of the roads. This will involve following the highway code, using clear signals, making eye contact with other road users and only riding where you know that you can be seen.

Know Your Route

It is also helpful if you know the route in which you take so that you can think about the best ways to stay safe. As an example, if you know that there are multiple potholes in the road or an area with a lot of traffic, then you might want to think about alternative routes to make it safer for yourself.

Check Your Bike

It can be incredibly dangerous to join the roads when you are riding a bicycle which is not in its best condition, so you need to check the bike over. This means that you should always check for loose nuts and bolts, keep the tires inflated to the recommended level, check the brakes are working properly and look out for loose or bent spokes. If there are any issues with the bicycle, you should get it fixed before joining the roads again.

Know Your Rights

You should also know that if you are involved in an accident that was not your fault then you can make a claim with a company like The Compensation Experts. This could include:

  • Collisions with a vehicle
  • Collisions with other cyclists or pedestrians
  • Potholes and other defects in the road
  • Slippery conditions
  • Faulty parts or repairs
  • Vehicle door opening into the path of a cyclist
  • Criminal assault

Cyclists are more vulnerable than any other group on the road as they do not have the body of the vehicle to protect them. This should not stop people from cycling as this is healthier, cheaper and better for the environment and you can promote safety with the above advice. By being an intelligent, safe and wary road user it will greatly reduce the chance of any kind of accident occurring and make the roads much safer for everyone.


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