Living in Manchester has one major perk: its endless transport connections. Not only do you potentially have the bonus of perhaps only being a tram stop away from work in the morning, but you also have a gateway to the rest of the world in your city too. If you have a holiday idea you’re mulling over, why not start browsing Manchester airport’s destinations?

Early flight? 

Just because you live in Manchester, it doesn’t mean it isn’t still convenient to stay over in an airport hotel the night before. Being walking distance from the airport doors is incredibly handy if your flight is in the small hours of the morning. Some of the on-airport hotels also happen to by luxury hotels, which means you will start your adventure in ultimate comfort – and just a walk away from the terminal doors. 

Minimal planning 

If you want to do as little organisation as possible, then package holidays are an option to consider. A package holiday doesn’t always have to involve a high-rise holiday apartment in a resort beach. However, you can buy packages that will take you to every corner of the world and help you to see hidden national parks and world famous landmarks. The trick to finding these is picking package holiday providers such as Exoticca package holidays, who specialise in a diverse range of destinations and activities. 

Last minute deals

While there are some aspects of your holiday you won’t want to leave until the last minute, don’t forget to hunt around for last-minute deals. Last-minute flights, hotel rooms and other extras are often far cheaper, if you’re happy to forfeit a bit of forward planning. 

Think outside the box

When looking through Manchester airport’s destination, try and think outside the box – particularly if you’re tight on budget. If you’d hoped for a Paris getaway but don’t have the budget for a return flight, then try somewhere equally romantic, such as Budapest, which will be inevitably far less expensive. Visiting Dubrovnik is an incredibly popular destination in Croatia, but have you considered its smaller coastal cities and towns?

Get your essentials in advance

While hand-luggage may be minimal in terms of space, you’re better off buying your minis and essentials before you travel. Try not to leave your travel money and essentials until the very last minute. While Manchester airport has plenty of duty-free shops to choose from, they might not be the most economically savvy. Packing your adapters, money and cosmetics in your bags in advance will ensure that your getaway is stress-free. 

With Manchester Airport being within easy access of most of Manchester, you have access to some of the most exciting destinations on the planet. By saving money where you can and indulging where necessary (and sometimes unnecessarily, let’s be honest, you can have the ultimate holiday with minimum stress), a night in a hotel airport might just be the best way to relax before your early morning flight.


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