A helium balloon has caused delays to rail passengers after it got tangled in 25,000-volt overhead electric cables which power trains in Manchester city centre.

It’s once again prompted Network Rail to issue a safety plea to the public to not let helium balloons loose near the railway.

The foil balloon got caught on the high-voltage overhead wires this morning (Monday 4 October) delaying trains travelling between Manchester Oxford Road and Warrington Central.

Engineers had to close the line and switch off the electricity which powers trains through one of the busiest railway corridors in the country so the balloon could be safely removed.

Phil James, Network Rail’s North West route director, said: “While helium balloons are fun, they pose a real safety and performance risk to the railway. Fortunately our engineers quickly removed this balloon before it could seriously delay passengers and freight. Please keep helium balloons away from the railway.”


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