The comfort level of your living room is important, but so is its design, style and the ambience it creates. An environment that you don’t enjoy can make you feel down, and resent the space you’re in. To avoid feeling this way in your home, you should make sure that you are happy with the area you’ve designed. If you aren’t, mix things up! Invest in a renovation, or simply add some new stuff to your living room. 

To help inspire you to create a more inviting environment for your living room, here are some stylish and contemporary features you could use. 


  • 1.Printed Rug 


On a wooden floor, a printed, fluffy and super soft rug will certainly liven things up and make the whole room feel more welcoming. Go for bright colours and bold prints for the best effects, and don’t be afraid to have clashing patterns if you are going for a more boho look for your living room. A big, cosy rug that you can sink your feet into after a long day is a perfect addition to any living room. 


  • 2.Real Fireplace


Many living rooms nowadays don’t even have an artificial fireplace, let alone a real one. A real fireplace in your living room offers that warm feeling you only get from a fireside, especially during the winter months. When the nights start drawing in, and the cold seems to creep into your home no matter what you do, starting a fire will instantly warm up you and your family and have you feeling toasty in no time. Quiet nights in by the fire are what winter was made for, after all. 


  • 3.Glass Feature Walls


Wallpaper and paint are out, and glass feature walls with antique mirror tiles are in. This unique type of feature wall would perfectly complement a fireplace and add a vintage look to your living room. If you’re into the retro look and modern living rooms aren’t the style for you, then a glass feature wall is right up your street. 


  • 4.Arched Windows 


Big, arched windows are a will make a beautiful addition to a living room, but they are even more essential for ones that need more light to brighten things up. A dark living space can make the room seem smaller and more cramped than it really is, but large, open windows will open up the space and make it feel much more breathable and liveable. 


  • 5.Vintage Furniture 


Vintage or antique furniture is great for creating a more rustic feel to your home. Rustic style homes are known for being inviting, welcoming and cosy; exactly what you want from a living room. Coffee tables or bookshelves made from deep oak look gorgeous and complement printed rugs nicely, while vintage furniture is full of personality that you can embrace with your newly redecorated living room. 

No matter whether you prefer a more contemporary style or a rustic look, these ideas are great starting points for inspiring your own concepts and creating the living room that you will want to spend all of your time in. 


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