Are you looking to spruce up your bedroom without overspending on your budget? Here is a list of a few simple, cost-effective tweaks that will transform it for the better. 

Beautiful wall art stickers 

Wall art stickers are surprisingly affordable and they can add personality to any room, including both adult and children’s bedrooms. There are certain to be plenty of designs to choose from, especially if you choose to shop via an online store such as Some popular options include: 

  • Famous quotes and sayings 
  • Personalised name stickers 
  • Football shirt wall art 
  • Moons, clouds, and stars
  • Star motifs 
  • Beautiful trees and flowers 
  • Hearts 

The options are practically endless, so be sure to set some time aside to browse before making up your mind and checking out. 

Contrasting textures

Contrasting textures can truly bring your bedroom to life and make it all the more interesting to look at. Think ribbed throw pillows, faux fur blankets, and wool area rugs. Anything hand-finished is also certain to have an impact on the aesthetic appeal of the room. 

Colours of the moment 

If you are ready to change the colour scheme of your bedroom, you may be wondering which shades are currently trending around the globe. Due to the fact that it has been chosen as the Pantone Colour of the Year 2020, classic blue is taking centre stage. Other popular colours to incorporate into your interior design include muted grey and mustard yellow. 

Don’t let trends influence you too much when it comes to choosing your bedroom colours, however. What’s more important is how the colours that you select make you feel. They should draw you in, enhance your mood, and comfort you every time you step inside your space. Your bedroom should be your safe haven, after all. 

Plants and natural elements 

You can breathe a sigh of relief when your bedroom is filled with house plants and natural elements. They are all said to aid in reducing stress and in nurturing mental health. 

If you are not exactly green-thumbed, consider filling your bedroom with a vase or two of fresh flowers every week, or purchase cacti or succulents instead. From a natural elements perspective, you can’t go wrong with decorative items such as bamboo sticks, wooden side tables, and wooden blinds. All of these elements also contribute to giving your bedroom an earthier look and feel. 

Custom displays 

Your bedroom should be an open representation of who you are as a person. What better way in which to ensure this than by putting some of your favourite and proudest possessions on display? This could mean framing your first pair of ballet shoes or storing your teddy bear collection on horizontal open shelving. Get creative with the items that you choose to display, as well as how you opt to display them. 

Now that you have a few great ideas for giving your bedroom a new lease on life, it’s time to get the transformation started. Savour every second spent in your special space. 


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