In addition to visiting museums, churches, hiking in postcard destinations and tasting the traditional goodies, there are many other forms that a trip can take. Such trips are made with the purpose of developing a new skill, about which you will have the opportunity to read below and some ideal destinations to immediately launch to buy air tickets.

But let’s not confuse this type of tourism with voluntourism – the concept of travel through which you donate some of your free time to support a cause. No, what we are now discussing is about journeys in which you combine relaxation with the efforts of acquiring a new skill or hobby, it can respond to the curiosities you’ve always had, or it can take you closer to the jobs you’ve dreamed of since you were a kid.

Truffle hunting – Istria, Croatia

Truffles are among the greatest delicacies in the world, a kind of gold equivalent in the culinary universe and are just as hard to spot as you imagine it should be. If you make your way to the picturesque town of Istria in Croatia, contact the Karlic family and meet the pioneer truffle hunters. Once you arrive at your destination, before you start truffle picking in the Motovun forest, let yourself be surrounded by the history and culture of these delicacies. Attention, when I said “hunting”, we did not want to make poetry, you will be followed along the route by dogs trained to smell the treasures, and when returning from the field, a feast awaits you where you probably already know what is on the podium. Note: black truffles are found throughout the year, but white truffles (more rare and valuable ones) only appear in September and October.

“In Space” Camp – Huntsville, Alabama, USA

Child or not, who would ignore the occasion of visiting the galactic space? Let’s say we didn’t evolve so much that we took the morning bus to the “Moon” corner and later that afternoon we got there, but there’s an earth alternative in Huntsville Alabama and it’s called Space Camp. The whole experience lasts for a weekend, and during it, students receive missions similar to true astronauts. The simulators, the Multi-Axis trainer and the space design devices put a shoulder to the creation of an authentic experience. In addition, you will have stories and coffees with astronauts (with diploma) and engineers involved in NASA missions.

Mixology course – London, UK

If that doesn’t impress you, nothing else does, and if you are used to raising cocktails to the art rank, you must be in London, following the two days of mixology course offered by European Bartender School. Expectations on the history of the liquor mix await you, the fashion that the drinks have gone through over the years plus techniques and ingredients you can make at home to enchant anyone who crosses your threshold and is greeted with an irresistible colored glass. Attention to the only risk: after learning the art of perfect cocktails, you may wake up with quite a few marriage requests.

No matter how masterful you feel at the end of the course, do not go home without seeing the job in the field, in the best London cocktail bars. Note: EBS has centers all over the globe, so you may as well choose to take the course in Helsinki or … Sydney.

Surfing – Ericeira, Portugal

If you have ever imagined riding the waves in full glory and coming out of the water with the surfboard under your arm, to an even greater glory, don’t waste any more years and learn how to do it, in the most prestigious place in the world. The Portuguese city of Ericeira is the only place in Europe that participates in the World Surfing Reserve program belonging to the Save the Waves organization and is dedicated to the environmental, cultural and economic conservation of the surfing areas.

The coral reefs and the opportunities to feel good on the beach are generous, and the waves have something for every surfer, from beginners to veterans. Surfing classes are held by experienced practitioners (and you it should be hard for you to deny a contract with a professional surfer) who have taught courses in Europe and Australia and cover everything from ironing to finding the right waves. 

In the footsteps of the dinosaurs – Calgary, Alberta, Canada

All the legends, facts and stories about the prehistoric past of the planet are still extremely current, and dinosaurs do not seem to be outdated too soon. In addition to being a UNESCO site, the Provinces Dinosaur Park in Canada is the place where the remains of 58 species of dinosaurs rest together with another 500 unearthed specimens. Let’s say that study material … would be.

In addition to the fossil discovery routes, you can also take a guided tour of the reserve or, to call yourself an expert with documents, to explore careers, to recognize a dinosaur egg from a thousand and other skills, you can sign up for the 4 all-inclusive days of paleontological adventure, led by a team of scientists.

Chocolate preparation courses – Brussels, Belgium

Imagine how you’re going to get everyone’s hearts by making … chocolate. And no better place than Brussels (the world capital of chocolate). Every Saturday, the Zaabar chocolatier holds an hour-long workshop, where participants try their luck in preparing truffles, beggars (black culinary gold mixed with nuts and dried fruits) and spiced chocolate bars. Under the watchful eye of the chocolate maker, you will learn how to create and decorate the melting pot of hearts, and you can take home your creation for later praise (if you don’t eat it until you return home, of course).

Archaeological Excavations – Sherwood Forest, Nottinghamshire, UK

The United Kingdom abounds in rich Roman ruins, remnants left by the Vikings and Anglo-Saxons and is a place that any history buff would consider a treasure. The British Archeology Council organizes ruthless projects, and volunteers are welcome. Cross the road and discover the Mesolithic treasures of the Deeside area or take part in research and excavation dedicated to Roman roads.

There is even a one-week excavation training in the heart of Sherwood Forest, where participants learn the necessary techniques, along with everything they need to know to identify the unique pottery traces of past civilizations, to photograph historical sites and some geology.

Glass shaping – Venice, Italy

Have you ever looked at the Renaissance chandeliers or sculptures made of multi-colored glass, wondering how such jewelry has managed to get out of human hands? Now it is true, to reach the highest level of detail and perfection, it takes years, but you can start with some classes at Abate Zanetti Glass School, on the famous Venetian island Murano. At the end of the course you will be able to create vibrant sculptures, figurines and jewelry, and of course, there will be someone who will teach you how to melt the glass in the oven and mold it to your liking. 


Regardless of the destination chosen, it’s very important for you to make a list first of stuff you need. Not only to select the places you would want to visit, but also to make sure everything is packed. And if you’re travelling by yourself, make sure to have at least another device with you, besides your phone. A tablet would be very helpful, it has GPS and Internet access. It will show you where to find the places you want to visit and if the trip is too long you can listen to your favourite music or play some classic online casino games with a holiday theme. But no matter what, the most important thing for you is to have fun and enjoy everything you see, cause these memories will be very precious at some point. 


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