A 46 year old man is being questioned after a stabbing incident in Droylsden yesterday evening after a 47-year-old man arrived at Tameside General Hospital with stab wounds, having driven himself there.

Sometime earlier, the man was at a house on Avonlea Road, Droyslden where a fight ensued. The man thought he was being punched by another man so ran to his car and fled the area.Once in the car, he realised he had been stabbed multiple times and was bleeding heavily.

He made his way to the hospital and presented himself in A&E with stab wounds, where he remains in a stable condition.

A scene is currently in place on Avonlea Road and the car, a black Audi Q3, has been seized for evidence.

This morning, the 46-year-old presented himself at a police station and has been arrested on suspicion of assault.

Anyone with information is encouraged to come forward.

Detective Inspector Alicia Smith of GMP’s Tameside Borough, said: “We believe this is an isolated incident however, our investigation of course continues and there may be people who have seen what has happened or have information about it that we haven’t yet spoken to


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