As Theresa May’s new administration beds in with its own priorities, it appears that not only the Northern Powerhiuse Project but elected city Mayors could be heading for the scrap heap.

If today’s report in the Times is to be believed, the new government is anxious that these new city Mayors are not left to create a Labour Powerhouse while the party nationally appears in free fall.

While both Liverpool and Manchester go to the polls next spring with Labour candidates overwhelming favourites to win, they could well be the last city Mayoral elections with both Newcastle and Leeds getting the devo opportunity without the need for a city head.

Theresa May is also not quite as enthusiastic about the Northern Powehouse project, or growth using Chinese investment, both policies widely encouraged by the previous regime.

Of course George Osbourne has already given Greater Manchester new powers, devolution over health, transport and housing, but it may well be that the city region will reman unique apart from London across the rest of England.

Or, as Steve Richards writes in this morning’s Guardian, it could give the likes of Andy Burnham and his party a great opportunity.

“In the 1980s, no one in their right minds would have left Westminster for the powerless desert of local government.”

We will wait and see


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