James Fritz’ modern thriller Four Minutes Twelve Seconds is an intense exploration of morality and the real-world implications of our digital lives.

Seventeen-year-old Jack has a bright future ahead of him; he’s smart, outgoing and well on his way to leaving Oldham to study law at university. His parents have devoted their lives to giving him every opportunity they never had, but when an intimate video of Jack appears on the internet they are forced to doubt their son, his friends and ultimately themselves.

Four Minutes Twelve Seconds premiered at Hampstead Theatre, London in 2014 earning The Critics Circle Most Promising Playwright Award and an Olivier Award nomination. Oldham Coliseum’s production is its first professional revival outside of London.

The cast features: Jo Mousley as Jack’s mother Di; Lee Toomes as his father David; Alyce Liburd as his (ex) girlfriend Cara and Noah Olaoye as his best friend Nick. Audiences never meet Jack himself, relying on his family and friends’ versions of events to decipher the villains from the victims.

Four Minutes Twelve Seconds runs from Friday 21 February – Saturday 7 March 2020 at Oldham Coliseum Theatre.

Tickets can be booked on 0161 624 2829 or at www.coliseum.org.uk


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