The role inspirational women in a rural Cheshire community during the Second World War is to be made into a six part drama series later this year.

Inspired by the book ‘Jambusters’ by Julie Summers, the ITV show will, with the shadow of World War II casting a dark cloud, show how an isolated village couldn’t feel further away from the impending bloodshed and battlefields and yet it is not immune from the effects of war.

As the conflict takes hold, and separates the women from husbands, fathers, sons and brothers, the characters find themselves under increasing and extraordinary pressures in a rapidly fragmenting world.

The book published in 2013, told the story of the Women’s institute during World a War Two and portrayed the remarkable role played by ordinary women in rural Britain during the war. Unpaid, unsung, to a large extent uncomplaining, these women quietly and often with humour, made the countryside tick.

We’re really delighted to have commissioned Jambusters,” said Steve November head of Drama.

Great writing from Simon has given Julie Summers’ wonderful book a fictional life. The women are real and engaging and have fantastic spirit and attitude. With World War II on the horizon, multiple strands of plot interweave to create a period drama full of jeopardy and intrigue, but also great humanity and modernity,” added Steve.


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