A new study conducted by Tour Operator Software Provider Bókun (part of the Tripadvisor family)  has uncovered the real local ‘hidden gem’ locations worldwide, as recommended by tourists.

Whilst viral videos on social media are great for bringing huge attention to some of the lesser-travelled destinations worldwide, it can often be hard for travellers to plan an entire trip around a single video.

To help travellers make the jump from their phones to the real world, Bókun has examined over 1,000 local destinations using Tripadvisor reviews containing the phrase ‘hidden gem’.  This analysis reveals the best places to visit worldwide, according to real consumers.

Out of all the worldwide locations, Manchester’s St Mary’s church is crowned the world’s best ‘hidden gem’ location – with a staggering 49% of its reviews coining it as a local wonder.

Manchester seems to have made a positive impact on tourists, with three of its locations earning a place on the global list of ‘hidden gems’.  Among those is the Clayton Hall Museum, with over 14% of all reviews left praising the spot as a ‘hidden gem’, and the Museum of Transport for Greater Manchester.


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