Soon to be celebrating their 18th birthday, The Living Room on Deansgate is a swanky, modern haven that will be sure to quench your boozy thirst.

When you walk in the premises, you’re instantly struck by the stunning interior, channeling an eclectic mix of mid century modern vibes, elegance and sophistication. The overhanging exposed bulbs give off a warm hue above the black and white tiled bar. The small accents of white, gold and rose gold combined with the pink suede booths add an even more luxurious feel and allow The Living Room to be at home amongst the most sought after bars and restaurants Deansgate has to offer.

Taking part in a cocktail masterclass evening, we were instead taken to The Haig Club room. For those who are not familiar with The Haig Club, the single grain Scotch whiskey is marketed for those “who don’t think they like whiskey” and was launched by Manchester’s own David Beckham.

The Haig Club Room, situated above The Living Room’s main bar, is devoted to this; a slick, blue tinted and plush space — much like The Haig Club bottle itself. In fact, its opening weekend last year saw the football legacy celebrate in style; his signature on the wall adjacent to the bar is a tribute to that.

The Haig Club itself is produced by Diageo – the global leader in alcoholic beverages whose clientele includes the likes of Tanqueray, Captain Morgans, Smirnoff, Baileys and more.

True to The Living Room’s style, our cocktail masterclass was exclusively devoted to premium spirits. From Tanqueray no.10 gin, Ciroc vodka, Don Julio tequila and Ketel One vodka were the base for 4 extravagant and yet undeniably classic cocktails.

Our cocktail master for the evening was Gavin whose knowledge regarding the history and heritage of each spirit was impeccable.

First off was The Bramble. After hearing of the spirits infamous beginnings and the Gin Craze that swept the nation during the 1700s, we were introduced to Tanqueray no. 10, the premium gin by Tanqueray. Combining gin, lemon, sugar we shook the components and strained them over crushed ice in a crystal glass. Topped with chambord and garnished with lemon and raspberry, The Bramble is a classic gin cocktail that is the perfectly balances both sharp and sweet flavours with the London dry gin.

Moving over to a spirit that has its heart in France, we made a classic French Martini using a classic French vodka, Ciroc. Dubbed as being P-Diddy’s favourite premium vodka, the spirit which is made from grapes and distilled five times comes in a variety of flavours including mango. Combining Ciroc mango, chambord and pineapple juice, the French Martini is shaken over ice until the pineapple juice starts to froth. It is then strained using a cawthorn strainer into a chilled coupette glass and garnished with raspberries. The creaminess created by the shaking makes the cocktail unbelievably smooth and sweet, and very palatable for even the strongest of vodka critics.

In between making our own cocktails, the premium spirits were also dished out to sip and taste and slowly introduce our palates to what was about to come. It was here where we were told the tale’s of a spirits origin, including Don Julio’s determination to be successful and swap his worn sandals for a pair of leather shoes.

The Margarita is a staple cocktail that screams happy hour. Combining Don Julio blanco tequila, lime juice and agave syrup, the cocktail is also shaken over ice. Served in a salt (or sugar) rimmed glass, the margarita is just how you imagine it to be – strong, sweet and definitely packing a punch with every sip.

Our final cocktail of the evening was the Pornstar Martini, an ever popular cocktail on offer in hundreds of bars. The sweet, tangy flavour is almost on par with the ever so cheeky name. Mixing the super premium Ketel One vodka with passion fruit liquor, vanilla syrup and pineapple juice, the Pornstar Martini definitely appeals to those with a sweet tooth. The action of shaking the pineapple juice over ice, just like the French Martini, creates a gorgeous head of foam which softens the sharp flavour expected of the cocktail. Garnished with half a passion fruit, the Pornstar Martini not only tastes delightful, but is picturesque enough to feature on any Instagram timeline.


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