To celebrate the launch and publication date of The LIPSTICK Principles – Let go of worry and fear, live in the moment and love life – author Amanda Brown invites you to join her for this exclusive event at the wonderful Albatross & Arnold in Spinningfields, Manchester.

Amanda is a speaker, author and coach and has been helping women transform their lives for over a decade. Five years ago she created The LIPSTICK Principles as a set of strategies women can apply to find happiness, let go of fear and make life happen!
What is truly transformational about her approach is the core guiding principle that underpins it all: which is to live life from a place of love not fear.

Amanda’s research has taken her across continents on a personal journey of study and discovery. In her book, she shares her knowledge, insights and success stories to help women understand how to utilise their minds to make decisions, savour the moment, be happy and feel excited about the future. Amanda explains:

“Is there a formula for being happy? This is the question I asked myself when I became a coach. Having personally experienced overwhelm and imposter syndrome, I wanted to know why some people appear to have the magic potion and hold it all together and others don’t. 10 years as a coach and speaker helped me discover many strategies for this formula of happiness. However it was losing someone dear to me that really helped me personally let go of fear. When the worst thing in your world happens and you’re still functioning, for me there was a moment when I thought what on earth have I got to worry or be afraid of now. This decision to live from a place of love not fear was what really freed me to live in the moment and love life.”

The LIPSTICK Principles is the go-to-life manual for women wanting to do life brilliantly, let go of worry and fear live in the moment and love life. Packed with insights, success stories, simple exercises and practical solutions this book is the whole tool kit for happiness and confidence. It’s aimed at women looking for some guidance and strategies on letting go of worry, feeling in control and learning how to love life and live in the moment.

The LIPSTICK Principles – How to let go of worry and fear, live in the moment and love life is released on 21st November on Practical Inspiration Publishing.

The LIPSTICK Principles – How to let go of worry and fear, live in the moment and love life is released on 21st November on Practical Inspiration Publishing.
Tickets are £12.99, which will include a welcome drink and a signed copy of The LIPSTICK Principles.


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