hero Training Clubs, the newest health club to launch in Manchester is officially launching its Wellbeing Hub, on the most depressing day of the year – Blue Monday (Monday 20 January).  

Almost two-thirds of the population have reported having experienced mental ill-health a figure which is rising all the time, and with well-known celebrities and public figures from Prince Harry and Ryan Reynolds to Emma Stone and Lady Gaga talking about their own mental health issues, it’s no longer a taboo subject to be ashamed of.

In a bid to give local people the opportunity to invest in their mental health and wellbeing,  hero Training Clubs on Miller Street in Manchester is opening its doors free of charge this week and running a number of free sessions to help local people beat the January blues and kick start 2020 in a more positive and resilient mindset.

“Our health is much more than what we see on the scales,  how far we can run or how much we can lift. It’s made up of various different component parts, which are all interlinked and dependent on one another.  We think it’s vital that modern-day health clubs and facilities cater for more than just our physical health but our emotional and social health too. And this is why we set about launching a truly holistic, state of the art health club that provides practical, affordable and individual support and guidance to help people with their health issues. High-stress moments happen in everyday life regardless of whether you are running a multi-million-pound business, studying for a degree or working in a coffee shop.  The Wellbeing Hub at hero Training Clubs will empower individuals to be able to build resilience and recognise how to manage and positively control their wellbeing.  Our experts within the hub have been cherry-picked for their experience and expertise in providing practical and down to earth advice and support. We want to give the people of Manchester the education, the tools and the ability to effectively manage their overall health from their head to their toes; quite literally!” (Joe Gaunt, CEO of hero)

To support this ethos, the entire hero Training Club team has received mental health awareness training and have the most up to date knowledge and education to appropriately support and assist anyone coming into the club with mental and emotional health worries and issues.  The coaches and trainers will also have the ability to refer members to different health zones and different experts all working within the club.

To take advantage of the free sessions taking place at hero Training Clubs simply register here and book onto a session.



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