Manchester Friends of the Earth are inviting people in Greater Manchester to join in with a Bike Friday cycle ride on Friday 27th Feband help map the cycling experience in Manchester. 

Bike Friday will be contributing to this year’s Future Everything festival lab PuBliC: People, Bikes and Cars, a collaborative project from the Centre for Design Informatics, University of Edinburgh and the Manchester Cycling Lab. The project will collect data to help inform the future cycling development. 

Everyone joining a Bike Friday cycle route will have the opportunity to engage with the project as a human sensor to gather GPS data, ideas, and insights about our urban environment. Being a ‘human sensor’ might sound a bit unnerving, but it’s simply done through a smart phone app

People can take part in the project wherever their cycle route takes them on Friday by downloading the iPhone app Comob Net (sorry, iPhone only at this stage), joining the group “FutrPublic” and activating the App. 

Graeme Sherriff, from Manchester Friends of the Earth said: “This is a really exciting project that can help provide great insights into what it is like to cycle in Manchester – we look forward to seeing the results.” 

Bike Friday combines a range of cycle rides into the City Centre from various locations as well as working with companies and local authorities in Greater Manchester to promote cycling, improve cycle facilities and to encourage more people to continue cycling to school, work and for leisure all year round. 


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