Houseflies have become an inevitable member of our house. Flies are extremely annoying that you see them buzzing around helplessly and feel like not being able to do anything to get your home rid of this annoying creature. When we see them sitting on our nicely served food, it not only ruins the food but also our mood.

The good news is, you can easily make your house free from these flies by following some simple tips. Let’s talk about them:

1. Use flies repellent:

Repellents are available in various forms such as liquid sprays. There are many types of pest control items in the market that not only control the reproduction of houseflies but also destroy the existing flies and their eggs. This stops the reproduction of flies and you will not see the fussy housefly flying around. If you need a spray to kill these flies, you can try the product of HG by visiting

You can also make repellent at home by using essential oils. Flies are allergic to these oils and you will see them leaving your house quickly

2. Use vinegar to trap flies:

Vinegar has the natural capabilities to attract house flies and lure them. All you need to do is put some vinegar in a bowl and cover it with a lid that has a small hole in it. The fly should be able to enter the bowl through the hole. It is very simple and easy to make a fly trap that you can put anywhere in your house. However, it is better to put this trap at the entrance areas of the house such as doors and windows

3. Eliminate leftover food sources:

Usually, we invite house flies to our house by keeping dirty dishes in our living room or kitchen, using a dustbin without a lid, and many other mistakes. The first thing that you need to do is find the sources of inviting flies in your house. For this purpose, you should inspect your house and see which area you have the sources and then shut them down. If you have trash in your kitchen or your toilet, you need to dispose of it regularly

4. Close entrance areas:

If you don’t want flies to enter your house, you are required to monitor where these flies are coming inside from. Sometimes, all windows and doors of a house are closed but there are some tears or cracks that let the flies in. If you have to open Windows for ventilation, spray the flies repellent in your house right after closing the windows.

5. Use aromatic material to avoid flies

Flies don’t like the fragrance of different items such as lavender and mint. You can easily get rid of flies permanently if you plant mint in your garden. This will not only keep all the flies away from you but also keep the surrounding of the house clean.


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