When in 1999 Alex Ferguson’s Manchester United have completed the European treble having won in a dramatic Champion’s League final against the all-time mighty Bayern Munich at Camp Nou, the city of Manchester has been put on the map of global glory once and forever. Manchester is, first of all, known for its football teams and hardworking people. However, there is no chance that Manchester cannot be called an educational center of the Northern part of England. Of course, it shares a lot of rivalry here with the city of Liverpool, just as on the football pitch, but there are surely some colleges in Manchester that are worth applying to and this article is going to tell you about the best colleges for admission in Manchester.

The Manchester College

It would seem impossible and even weird that such a glorious city would not have had a college named after itself. Nowadays, when someone hears that something is situated in Manchester, it is being automatically accepted as a sigh of the highest quality possible because Manchester is a city where the stars are born, look at Cristiano Ronaldo, for example. The Manchester College is one of the best places for a student to get high education in the UK as it offers a great number of courses which all the school graduates would find accessible and, what is more, fascinating to study. The institution’s goal, as in accordance with its official website, is to offer top-notch education to everyone eager and help people acknowledge their hidden talents, strengths, and capabilities. 

Even though the college is known for its mentorship and guidance problems, nobody says that studying there is a simple task. Sometimes, the students get overwhelmed with the volume of writing assignments and various papers that they have to deal with. There is nothing wrong with the fact that students might sometimes need a bit of guidance on what they have to excel in. Academic guidance is one of the educational pivotal trends in the 21st century, and it is much wiser to pay for your time which you might spend dealing with the myriad of the other assignments, instead of working it out for four hours how you should get on with an essay structure that you see for the first time in your life.

Nazarene Theological College

The city of Manchester, the so-called Northern capital of England, has always been known as the religious center of the country. Of course, the splendor and mightiness of St. Paul’s Cathedral in London and the Westminster Abbey, as well as their religious weight cannot be questioned. But when it comes to Manchester, make sure not to mention anything related to London, especially something pertaining to such localities as Soho and Chelsea. Well, if you find it hard to understand, apply for admission to one of Manchester colleges or a university and you will get a full swing of the debate because.

The Nazarene Theological College has been established more than 60 years ago and is nowadays considered one of the very best educational establishments of Southern Manchester and its suburbs. There is a lot of courses and study modes that you can choose from. You can do your studies full-time, part-time, or even online. Here you can become an expert in finance, science, philosophy, or any other domain that you really fancy exploring. Being a member of the college’s academic society means automatically becoming a member of a diverse community of learners who have joined this establishment of tertiary education in order not only to take knowledge but also to share their valuable experience.

Hopwood Hall College

As it has been already mentioned, working and laborious people have always been held in high regard in Manchester. That is why Hopwood Hall college is the place where you can implement a really wide range of your educational and academic endeavors. Regardless of whether you want to become an MBA or advance your writing skills, the Hopwood Hall college is the right destination for you. The list of programs that you can embark upon mastering here is quite impressive, as you can start learning, Animal Care, Business, Social Studies, Accounting, Carpentry and Joinery, Design, Marketing, Tourism, etc. You can actually become whomever you want as this college makes no difference between the people who want to work with their hands and the folks who want to make a living using their mind. All people are equal, and all professions are important.

Stockport College

This is quite a big educational institution and one of the most renowned ones in Manchester. It holds more than 4,000 students, and each of them has applied for this college because it offers an innovative and inspirational approach towards learning. The institution’s diverse and multicultural environment leaves no other choice but to write that there is no other way for its students but to expand their vision and understanding of the world while they are studying at Stockport. Pondering over the aforementioned innovativeness of the educational processes, it should be acknowledged that the institution makes a specific emphasis on the digitalization of the processes and the development of the students’ digital skills. 

Of course, students can become real experts in decorating, management, gas and oil processing, etc. in this college. However, the fact that their digital skills are being boosted regardless of the course they choose is simply incredible because digital education is nowadays even more important than some of the professional skills.


Manchester is the city where the stars are born or made. It does matter whether you are an inborn citizen or whether you have come to Manchester to chase your dream. When choosing a college in this city, you don’t have to choose between the two camps that the city is divided into, but rest assured that you will surely become a great professional here and eventually a football fan. The rest of the choices is yours!

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