Every new year brings with it some different and interesting design trends. When most of us think of the bathroom sink, it’s really just a means to an end – somewhere to wash our hands or fill up a bucket with water. But if you stop and consider this fitting, you can turn it into a functional and imaginative feature to make your bathroom design pop.

Here’s what we believe will be trending in bathroom sink designs next year.

New colours on the block

In terms of taps, single lever mixers, and even accessories like soap dispensers and towel rails, we’re beginning to see a lot of new color finish trends. Chrome has certainly had its day and is still considered by many to be the de facto finish in any bathroom, but homeowners are now beginning to move away from silver. Whether it’s a bathroom redesign or a new house built from the ground up, it’s possible to select far more exciting finishes for bathroom basin taps, like matt black, sleek gold, or even polished copper. As you can see here, there’s a lot more variety these days to choose your own style, shape, and colour.

Go the farmhouse route

We’re starting to see sinks with the look and feel of a comfy, country farmhouse. This is a real statement sink and is both intriguing and eye-catching, especially for guests. Typically with the hammered metal finish or even stone or concrete in some cases, this trend is about stripping away convention and showing that a country look can exist in a suburban or inner-city home.

Try to start reflecting more

While it might look a bit science fiction for some, many homeowners are loving the idea of a bright, reflective, and almost glittery sink design. The polished finish is stunning and can even make the room that little bit brighter when light bounces off it. This is where polished copper or polished nickel really make their mark, especially if you top it all off with higher sheen paints to create even more light in the bathroom and a fitting ambience.

Touch-free taps and soap dispensers

You’ve probably seen these in public bathrooms across the country, but this type of advanced, hygienic taps are coming into homes. Stylish, elegant, and efficient, these taps mean you never have to place your hands directly on the handle, only wave nearby to activate the water. This is the kind of modern and clean approach to design that is a great way to update your bathroom.

Double the sink

What’s better than one sink… two sinks! Nearly every household has had the trouble of someone taking up too much time in the bathroom, but at least having two sinks can allow one to brush their teeth or shave and the other to apply makeup, for example. You could either opt for one long rectangular mirror over the sink space, or go for two smaller circular mirrors, which is definitely a trending design move. While it’s wiser to choose the same fixtures for each basin, you could decide to switch it up and have two contrasting styles.


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