Local housebuilder Barratt Homes Manchester has just received five stars in the new Home Builders Federation (HBF) annual customer satisfaction survey.

This is now the 10th year in a row that Barratt Homes Manchester has been awarded five stars.

The HBF survey asks all customers who have bought a new home whether they would recommend it to a friend. For Barratt to be awarded five stars means that more than 90% of its customers are happy to recommend their home. Barratt is the only major national housebuilder to have been rated as five star for 10 years in a row.

To mark the award of being a five star builder 10 years in a row, parent company Barratt Developments and homelessness charity St Mungo’s are announcing a major new £500,000 three year partnership to improve the lives of people experiencing homelessness. As the country’s biggest housebuilder Barratt is committed to creating a positive legacy working with charities and good causes throughout the UK.

Over the past 10 years that Barratt has been a five star housebuilder more than 57,000 customers have said they are happy to recommend their homes to a friend. This high level of satisfaction comes from the focus Barratt has on quality, design and looking after its customers, particularly post sale. 

The HBF New Homes Survey is one of the largest surveys of its type in the country, with 50,000 new owners completing it each year. The simple star rating was developed to make it easy for people to understand which housebuilders have the most satisfied customers.

Neil Goodwin, Managing Director at Barratt Homes Manchester, said: “To be rated as a five star housebuilder for 10 years in a row shows how much we care about our customers, making sure the homes and the whole buying experience are as good as possible. It takes a lot of hard work from our teams each year to make our customers this happy, but for us it’s the most important thing that we do.”


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