The Prime Minister has ruled out s no deal Brexit and will ask the EU for an extension to the process following s marathon cabinet session today.

Theresa May also says that she wants to meet Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to agree a plan on the future relationship with the EU.

The prime minister extended the offer in a televised statement from Downing Street saying “we can and must find the compromises to deliver what the British people voted for”. She said there would ideally be a deal with Labour or a decision from parliament to put before the EU next Wednesday in order to allow the UK to leave on 22 May and avoid European parliament elections.

Earlier in the day, The EU’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier, speaking to the European Parliament’s committee on foreign affairs this morning said ‘day after day’, a no-deal Brexit grows ‘more likely’.

He also gave three possible justifications for requesting another extension to Article 50: for the Commons to reexamine the political declaration, to hold an election, or to hold a referendum.


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