The Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham has revealed that he has received over a thousand email over the weekend from people who say they are being forced to continue working depsite having fears for their health.

The Mayor last week said that he was taking legal advice about whether Greater Manchester Police and other Greater Manchester Agencies could take enforcement action against companies which are exposing their employees in this way and asked people to file a confidential report using:

This morning he added that there is a real issue here & the Government urgently needs to address it.


  1. I got a letter from the nhs stating I was at risk of severe illness if I caught coronavirus .the letter said I had underlying health conditions (copd and lowered immune system).the letter included a phone number-0800 0288 327 or a web page my wife also has copd.i rang the number on Saturday and completed the questions and was told I was registerd. on sunday I completed the governments help line and was registered.i have no friends or family nearby to deliver foodstuffs to me.yesterday I tried to order on line from the largest supermarkets but no delivery slots until late april by which time we may have starved to death.

  2. I been sending e-mails to The Mayor. I get e-mails back from the Deputy Lord Mayor. Surely, Mr Anthony Burnham has to change his title, otherwise, he may be know as the Invisible Man.
    Anyone know how to contact him without the use of the Spirit World


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