I’m not sure about everybody else but the person that I speak to most is me.

Over the last week or so whilst we have morphed into lockdown, I have been conversing with myself about how I am going to deal with my diet over the next 12 weeks’ as I won’t be allowed to to see my diet consultant face-to-face as usual.

We did have a plan but it involved a lot of running in and out of each other’s houses but, now that we are in full on lockdown, that just isn’t an option any more. There are a gazillion billion options for what I could do but they essentially boil down to two:

A) Do I weigh myself on my own scales knowing that they will be much much heavier than the consultant’s (a fact universally acknowledged, obviously!) but at least it will give a relative position week-by-week?

B) Do I not weigh myself at all over the next three months’ and be pleasantly amazed I have lost three stone?

In my head, I kept remembering my opening line of, “Well I’ve been on a diet for over 30 years’ and clearly it’s not working very well”, when asked why I wanted to try this particular diet.

So I opted for option B. I have put on four pounds but that is because option A has kicked in as well as I couldn’t possibly have put that on over the last week. My lovely husband then reminded me of crisp-gate, cheese-gate and orange-matchmaker-gate so is is probably a fair result. Thankfully he doesn’t know about winegum-gate and forgot about Malteser-gate too. I’m glad I’ve gone for option B as it will help me stay focussed.

After my weighing trauma, I noticed that my hands were much better today so I need to make sure I keep putting the moisturiser on regularly before I go to bed. The conservatory was very bright today, in fact too bright for my new contact lenses to cope with and they fell out just before the start of the most important call of the week – typical!

On yet another sunny day, our neighbours seemed to be coping with working from home too with all their meetings in the garden. It’s funny to hear all the checking in with their teams, much the same as I do, using the same buzz words as we are all doing at the moment. I wonder if all this caring will last?

My only slight panic today was receiving a card in the post from my mum and dad not realising that a kind neighbour had posted it for them as they are both over 70. Phew but it did make me think of the hazards of the post-box and whether we should really be putting that pressure on the postie, the delivery man and all the people in-between so I decided there and then, but very reluctantly, not to do any more internet shopping until this is all over and take the definition of “essential” in its truest sense.

I agreed this with my parents too as I just want them to be safe. Then I was faced with a moral dilemma – the little girl over the road drew us a picture of a rainbow and popped it through our letterbox. She’s only about 4 but I panicked in case it was carrying the virus, promptly popped it in the bin and thanked her profusely from a safe distance. It made me feel awful and I realised that if she fell over just outside our house, I am not sure I’d run to help her like I would have done last week. That is shocking – I feel a bit ashamed and selfish.

I did need to pop out in the car this evening to pick up my “space food”. I was shocked, stunned and amazed at some of the stupidity I saw: Teenage boys on bikes wearing black gangster masks – boys, it’s not the virus that will kill you, it’s riding down the A34 the wrong way, you bunch of idiots. Also, to the people standing outside Marks & Spencer, yes, social distancing is essential but when this involves you standing in the busy road, it’s probably not the best idea you’ve ever had!

My List: Watched VEEP on DVD (it’s hilarious but highly politically incorrect). That skipping rope still needs to be shortened.

My Parallel universe: Should have been going to Ireland for a weekend with the girls. It’ll be rescheduled, along with everything else, but I really miss my girlies.

My lowlight: Watching footage of Boris, Matt & Chris not practising what they have been preaching and realising I hadn’t really noticed their hypocrisy. No wonder they all have C-19 as they were clearly not taking it very seriously.

My highlight: Finishing work for the weekend. YAY!

My Anxiety levels: Low (I’m still in the groove but thinking it’s denial).

Day 5 will be interesting – I wonder what weekend lockdown will be like without the structure of work?


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