A Collection of colourful artwork by renowned abstract artist, Alex Echo, will be on display at a Manchester gallery from the beginning of October.

Comprised of limited edition pieces from his recent body of work, ‘Water’, and selected pieces from previous collections, such as the psychedelic ‘Alchemy’, the art will be on display at Castle Fine Art in Manchester from Saturday 3rd October 2015, with the artist making a special guest appearance at the gallery on the day between 1-4pm.
Having unveiled his latest collection ‘Water’ in London earlier this year, Echo will now bring a specially curated selection of his captivating pieces to the city.
Made with a mélange of intricate brush stokes, his pieces bring together the beauty and history of Impressionism with a new language of technique and style with the vibrancy and softness of Turner and the structure of Rothko evident. There is an exquisite chaos to his work, with autonomy and chance guiding the fast paced creation, and the cacophony of emotions means the pieces are at once beautiful and melancholic.
Echo’s work has been exhibited all over the world and has a famous fan following including Oprah Winfrey, Robert Downey Jr and Cindy Crawford. In 2010, Echo’s colourful designs even inspired fashion designer Sir Paul Smith, who used his painting ‘Classic with a Twist’ to create a fabric pattern for his 2011 Spring/Summer collection.
Nicholas Beese, Castle Fine Art, Manchester’s Gallery Manager, said: “It’s fantastic to have the works of international talent, Alex Echo, on display at our gallery. When viewing his collection, his journey is evident. He’s grasped life and celebrated it, and we are delighted to have his work on display; it’s a real asset to the UK’s art scene.”
Born in Colorado, USA, Echo now lives full-time in rural West Sussex, and often accredits the English landscape as his primary source of inspiration.
He says: “Basically my artwork is dedicated to my daughter, and to her generation and generations to come – and to the new paradigm of ‘green and sustainable’, to a healthy earth. Hopefully my artwork will inspire anyone who sees it to look at the world as a beautiful and mysterious finite place; a place to be loved and protected.”
The exhibition will be on display at Castle Fine Art, Manchester, 75 Deansgate, Manchester, M3 2BW from Saturday 3rd October 2015 until 18th October 2015.


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