Do residents in Manchester have to live surrounded by rubbish?  Or can we change it?

This is the big question being raised at A Rubbish Night at the Museum, an event taking place on 19 April at Manchester Museum, part of The University of Manchester.

The event will offer an opportunity for visitors to talk about and reflect on the rubbish problem affecting Manchester’s communities and neighbourhoods.

It was inspired by “Talking Rubbish in Moss Side” a research project conducted last summer, whichfound not only that rubbish in the streets and alleys reduces quality of life and hurts relationships between neighbours, but also that it is a complex problem that needs better solutions than simply educating residents to change their behaviour.

By discussing these findings and giving voice to residents’ perspectives, A Rubbish Night at the Museum  is intended to inspire all stakeholders –  residents, local councils,  waste authorities, businesses, waste contractors, landlords and universities – to work together to build the intellectual and practical capacity to deal more effectively with rubbish.

You can get involved and follow the conversation via Twitter using #GMTalkingRubbish

A Rubbish Night at the Museum  takes place on Thursday 19 April, 6-9pm in The Study at Manchester Museum. Free registration via Eventbrite [269 tickets booked as of 11-04-18]

The event was co-developed and jointly coordinated by Simon Pardoe from “Upping It”, an award-winning community organisation, Sherilyn MacGregor from the Sustainable Consumption Institute, and the community engagement team from the Manchester Museum. Over 40 local residents, researchers, organisations, and social enterprises are contributing to the event.


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