The events of the last few days have put particular pressure on the media and we hope that About Manchester has, in the eyes of our readers has responded to the challenge effectively.

We want your stories, how you are coping, maybe some tips on how to survive the lockdown and news of the many fantastic community initiatives that are going on in these unprecedented times.

So tell us your stories.

We will also be looking into the region, looking at the people, the events and the places that have made this one of the greatest places to live.

They can be anything, some of your stories of the region whether of the past present or the future.

Rest assured, we will continue to keep you right up to date with all that is going on in Greater Manchester as well as what will effect you nationally and internationally.

We are going nowhere, no matter how long this crisis continues and when we come out the other side, we are sure Greater Manchester will be stronger for it

Nobody knows how long this crisis will continue but it will be for the foreseeable future, so for all those whose normal lifestyle is on hold, we will be bringing you the very best of Greater Manchester.

Have a story or information regarding the Coronavirus pandemic in Greater Manchester get in touch on our social media channels – Twitter and Facebook. or email


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