Gamblers are spoilt for choice in this day and age of a variety of options for gambling. The fun and entertainment are almost limitless because of this variety. A gambler can choose from brick-and-mortar casinos, online casinos to live feed casinos. The convenience and accessibility allowed by modern technology such as mobile devises allow them to play almost anywhere and at any time. 

Bonuses are an important part of the casino experience and while there are many of them, they operate by different rules depending on the casino. There are also usually subject to high wagers because their goal is to get activity within the casino environment not outside. Understanding the differences between bonuses is important to a new gambler because it adds to the fun experience. Here are some of the more popular bonuses gamblers can take advantage of.  

Why to use a bonus

Bonuses are a great reward for gamblers whether they are just starting out or have been in the game a while. Bonuses give gamblers a head start at their first casino games. They get to play games they may be interested in, get a feel for it before deciding whether to deposit their money to play. In addition to this, they also are great for helping players to choose a casino, since the better the bonus, the better the casino, such as Joy Casino here, which has the best bonuses. Bonuses also help existing players enjoy the games they already love longer and at no charge especially when they win promotional bonuses. Bonuses are generally a great way to get a feel for different games or enjoy the ones gamblers already love longer.

No deposit bonuses

Most gamblers would love a free bonus without investing any of their money. No deposit bonuses do just that for them. The bonus is usually given to new gambler on signing up and may be limited to a specific game and time. Any winnings that a gambler gains from playing this bonus usually high wager requirements. That is the catch.  

Matched bonuses 

Depending on the amount a gambler deposits, some casinos offer to match the deposit to a certain percentage. They may offer up to 100 percent. some offers range from 15 to 400 percent of the deposit by the gambler to encourage them to play games at the online casino. The wagers are often high because the main goal is always to get players enjoying these bonuses within the casino. 

Free spins 

Slot players love this one. This is the bonus for the slot enthusiasts. Casinos usually give them out n batches of 20, 30, 50 or 100 to both new gamblers and existing gamblers. New gamblers get to try slots they may be interested, get a feel for them and maybe, use real cash next time. Existing gamblers use this to play their favourite games even longer with the hope that maybe they hit the jackpot. One of the catches of free spins is that they are limited to specific slots and may include days and times to use them before they expire. Additionally, the winnings have high wagers. Gamblers should keep an eye out for these terms and conditions.

Deposit bonuses 

The step brother of no deposit bonuses is deposit bonuses. Unlike no deposit bonuses, deposit bonuses require gamblers to deposit an amount of money before receipt. Casinos cover a percentage of the deposit up to 100 percent. if a gambler deposits $100, they get $100. These bonuses can be exercised for different games within the casino. Gamblers can double down on their deposits to enjoy the casino experience more with some extra cash provided by the casino. 


Gamblers do not get to win much when playing at casinos because the odds are mostly stacked in favour of the house. This makes it really difficult to gain an od over the house irrespective of the strategies and tactics a gambler uses. Bonuses help gamblers benefit from their time at the casino at the cost of the casino. Even if you don’t beat the casino, you can at least enjoy what they offer in terms of bonuses whether as a new gambler or existing one. 

There are many bonuses available that gamblers need to get to know along with how they work with different casinos. Remember, there is always a catch with bonuses so be sure to read the terms and conditions before engaging in the fun. 


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