Would you and your employees be incapable of performing your day-to-day tasks if you didn’t have a fleet of vehicles at your disposal? If so, it’s absolutely essential that you do your utmost best to protect your company cars at all times. Whenever your vehicles are forced to spend time off the road, you will be incapable of providing your customers with the level fo service that they expect from you. Not only will this see you miss out on turning over a profit, but it could also do damage to your business’s brand and reputation.

To find out what you must do to keep your fleet of company cars safe, be sure to read on.

Kit the vehicles out properly

Depending on what type of service it is you provide and how/when you use your company cars, your vehicles will need to be kitted out in an appropriate fashion. You need to ensure that your cars are carrying the right tools and pieces of equipment at all times, as that will allow your drivers to fix issues or even avoid them altogether before they escalate further.

If your vehicles are used regularly for nighttime driving, for example, this means equipping your fleet with necessary lighting equipment. This will ensure that other road users can see your vehicles coming, which in turn will cut down on the amount of accidents that your vehicles are involved in. To find out more about what options you have available to you in this sense, be sure to check Responsive Vehicle Lighting. Their extensive array of flashing beacons and lightbars will be sure to light up your fleet of vehicles on even the darkest and foggiest of nights.

Make sure your cars are roadworthy

Before you send any of your employees out in your company cars, you need to ensure that the vehicles are roadworthy. Failing to check that your vehicles are in good working order will make them liable to breakdown at any point. Should this happen, you will face the unnecessary financial headache of having to pay to get your vehicles back on the road.

Quite simply, no matter what type of company vehicles you own, you must check their roadworthiness at periodic intervals. Whenever you perform this crucial task, it’s important that you:

  • Check that the vehicles aren’t leaking gas
  • Make sure the windscreen isn’t cracked (even the smallest of cracks can make a big dent in your wallet)
  • Inspect the vehicle’s bodywork to make sure that it hasn’t corroded 
  • Ensure that the tread depth of the tyres meet legal requirements
  • Test the brakes to ensure that they are working efficiently

If you own a fleet of company vehicles, it is absolutely essential that you seek to protect them at all times. Doing so will be sure to save you a lot of financial headaches and burdens going forward.

Put the above advice into practice, and you’ll be sure to get more miles out of your company cars over a longer period.


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