Dogs Trust Manchester has launched a series of mini-films celebrating rescue dogs and their owners to encourage people wanting to welcome a dog into their life to adopt not shop and to give a dog a second chance at happiness in a forever home.

Over the course of a year new owners who have chosen to give a rescue dog a second chance were asked by the rehoming centre team to catch their favourite moments on camera to show the lifelong bond they now share – with joyful results.

German Shepherd, Gerry, was nine months old when he arrived at the Denton-based rehoming centre after his owners could no longer look after him, but he soon stole the heart of Suzy Bailey and headed off to his forever home. Whippett Cross, Rossi, now two, was adopted by Pip, Matt and Georgia Bennett who describe him as ‘a big softie who makes them smile every day’ and Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Lottie, was born at Dogs Trust Manchester in November 2017, heading home with Georgia Marsden-Travis just after New Year in 2018.

Georgia, from Hyde, says:

“Lottie has changed my life. She is simply adorable. She cheers me up if I’m having a bad day and our best times are when we are out and about with her and my other rescue dog, Buster, who she gets on brilliantly with. When they are happy, I am happy! I have loved capturing her life with us on camera, from her first time on the beech to her first time in the snow. I hope anyone who is thinking about getting a dog decides to rescue. It’s fantastic.”

Dawn Bishop, Dogs Trust Manchester Manager, says:

“We want to say a huge thank you to everyone that has adopted a Dogs Trust dog, and as we approach the busy summer months we also want to encourage people who would like a dog to be part of their family, to do lots of research in advance. That will help give owners the best chance of being able to share many happy years together with their four-legged friend.

“Our dogs will always be part of the Dogs Trust family so it’s wonderful to see them in their forever homes, living the lives they deserve to live, with owners who adore them. We always do our best to make sure families find a dog that will suit their daily lives, so if you have a Lottie, Rossi or Gerry shaped hole in your life we hope you choose to give a rescue dog a second chance at happiness.”

Watch highlights from Lottie, Rossi and Gerry’s first year in their forever home at  Dogs Trust Manchester is encouraging dog lovers and owners to use the hashtag #MyDogIsForLife to share their rescue dog stories, tagging @dogstrust To find out more about all of the dogs waiting for their forever homes, visit


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