Ahead of George Osborne’s statement to Parliament, Greater Manchester’s Mayor has set out Greater Manchester’s six key tests for the Government’s Budget.

Help Greater Manchester protect the public services that support the real needs of people who live and work here?

· Give Greater Manchester the resources to invest in and grow the Greater Manchester economy?

· Help Greater Manchester build the 10,000+ new homes we need each year – and support us to make sure they are affordable and warm?

· Help ensure our people are able to get the jobs we create through better control of education, skills and training budgets?

· Ensure the North receives its fair share of rail infrastructure investment? – HS3 funding should be proportionate with London’s Crossrail 2

· Help us re-invest more of Greater Manchester’s taxes, in Greater Manchester to improve the lives of our communities?

Greater Manchester Mayor, Tony Lloyd said: “Greater Manchester is leading the way with devolution, but with the right powers we can do even more. 

“We know that decisions made in Greater Manchester work better for Greater Manchester. Tomorrow, people across Greater Manchester will judge this budget on whether it gives Greater Manchester the power and resources needed to invest in a stronger economy, create services and the infrastructure that work for local people and build the warm, affordable homes our communities need.”

The Greater Manchester Mayor, Tony Lloyd, wants to see more powers devolved from Westminster to Greater Manchester communities. GM Leaders would be able to use further devolved powers to boost the number of affordable homes, grow the GM economy and continue to create services that help people get back to work and improve their wellbeing


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