Even as Manchester begins to tentatively emerge from full lockdown, it’s fair to say that many of us need a distraction right now. 

For some, that means baking banana breads and enjoying elaborate date night dinners. Others meanwhile are becoming avid runners, building stamina week after week. But what about the distractions we don’t always need – especially while working from home? It can be tricky enough to get anything done with the fridge and TV only a few steps away. 

National Accident Helpline wanted to find out what happens when you throw pets into the mix. The company offers a compensation calculator to those stuck at home due to injury, and so knows just how comforting pets can be in stressful situations. 

Survey results show 68% of Manchester residents are distracted by their furry friends while trying to work. Find out below which owners are distracted the most, how pets are keeping us calm, and which breeds are Manchester’s most popular.       

Who’s getting distracted by their pets? 

Millions of us are still trying to adapt to working from home. Desks and office chairs are in high demand, as is comfy loungewear. Video calls have become the new norm – and it’s not uncommon for our pets to steal the spotlight. 

But can anyone get any work done around these extra cute colleagues? Only 13% of people surveyed in the UK were confident in their ability to focus on the task in hand without having their head turned by a pet.   

Be it laying out on the keyboard or stealing a tasty lunch, our animals aren’t always the most professional. It’s not the same for everyone, however. Only 59% of 18-24-year-olds are distracted by their pets – jumping to 82% of those aged 45-54.

How our furry friends are helping

Perhaps we should be prepared to look beyond their tendency to sidetrack, however. There’s no doubt that pets can do wonders for office morale – especially when that office isn’t the one you’re used to. 

Over 87% of people in Manchester find their pets to be calming in stressful situations. As things constantly change around us, our oblivious animals can help maintain a sense of routine. They’re always willing to comfort us when we feel uneasy (and they feel hungry).   

Yet there are those who don’t feel the same way. 4% of owners in Manchester don’t find their pets soothing at all. Perhaps they’re just in need of a little more training?   

Manchester’s favourite dogs and cats

It’s common for owners to have strong opinions on which breed is best. They may have grown up around a certain pooch or feline and been sold ever since. But which ones do we love the most overall?

Manchester falls in line with the rest of the UK in picking the Labrador Retriever as it’s favourite canine. They’re active and outgoing, friendly and social, and have plenty of affection to go around.  

When it comes to cats, the British Shorthair sits proudly above its competition. They might not be quite as distracting as other pets either – tending to mind their own business while still getting along with everyone just fine. 

With many businesses continuing to work from home, we’re set to see more of our pets for the foreseeable future. Are you finding it easy to stay on top of your to-do list?  


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