Manchester, the birthplace of computers, football leagues, and surprisingly, Vimto. It’s the place to put on the list if you’re looking for a UK relocation, especially as Manchester has previously beaten London as the most liveable city in the UK.

If you still haven’t decided on where you want to live next, then you should be feeling lucky .Manchester is everything you could want from a place to stay: energetic, innovative, and a breath of fresh air. Manchester could be the answer to your prayers, and we’ve got plenty of reasons why. Let’s take a look:

The Social Circle

Heading on a night out with new friends is way more impressive when you can do so in Manchester. You can head to the glossy Deans gate or the edgy Northern Quarter. If you want to head to the place where the craft beers are the best, go to Chorlton – just a short hop on the tram out of the centre.

Dining Like A King

Eating out is a revolution, particularly for the business sector. If you are hoping to move somewhere with carefully curated cuisine, Manchester is the place to go. Whatever your taste buds tingle for, you can find it here. Whether you’re after gourmet fried chicken or sushi on par with Tokyo.

Fashion Foot Forward

Are you feeling lucky about your sartorial situation? Well, Manchester is the place to be for those who love to shop and take pride in their appearance. Manchester is the forefront of style movements including acid house, punk and football casualism. With the boutiques offering lux denim and skater-wear, the Northern Quarter on your doorstep? It’s the place to be.

It’s Staying Unique

Manchester is one of the many British cities that has remained as popular as London. Manchester is always proud to stand out, be unique, and appeal to everyone from every walk of life. It’s eccentric and exciting, and if you are looking into Manchester as a place to live, it’s going to give more back to you than you could realize.

Houses Are Affordable

If you want a London vibe without the London prices, Manchester is where to head to next. There’s no need to be trapped in renting hell in the South when you could slide on up North and buy a house that gives you everything you want without the sky-high property prices. Manchester is a paradise for those looking for more than they can afford in the South.

You Are In The Best Place

Knowing that you reside in the best place to live in the UK should help you to keep that smile on your face. You should feel nothing short of lucky when you by a place to live in Manchester – feeling lucky is the new feeling happy, and Manchester delivers. The only thing that Manchester hasn’t got? A beach! The best thing to know about that is there are plenty within a drive or a train journey, so enjoy living in the best place in the UK.


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