Whether you’re looking to gain profit off a quick flip, slowly add updates to sell down the road, or continue to improve so you remain in the home longer without the need to upgrade, home renovations add value. While some may be completed by the brave and capable DIY homeowner, others will have to enlist the services of a professional, so make sure to shop around with a mix of price & quality in mind when looking at these renovations.


Many first-time homeowners focus on an updated kitchen as a top feature in their list. More than one-third of millennials in Consumer Report’s most recent survey said the kitchen is the most important room. Just don’t overdo it. A modern, updated kitchen doesn’t mean one fresh out of an Applebee’s restaurant. 

New countertops and flooring and new appliances that match can go a long way. A fresh coat of paint to the walls and cabinets can bring the whole room together. If you have extra money to spend, consider a backsplash to bring the room together. As a general rule, people seem to prefer stainless steel appliances as they convey an ‘updated’ look.

Multi-Use Rooms

Buyers don’t want to be locked into a house with defined spaces that can’t be changed. Bigger isn’t necessarily better for most homeowners. Renovating closed rooms to be more open with flexible living plans can go a long way. Many homeowners create flexible living spaces in basements and attics that can add value. 

Additional living space can be converted to suit the buyer. Dedicated office space, caretaking space, or even a home gym can be part of a buyer’s flexible living plan. Have an area ready to accommodate those needs, and your home becomes prime real estate. 

Home Lifts

People with mobility issues are severely limited in their home choices in areas where multi-story homes are standard. A home lift is a great solution to make upper floors more accessible again. The design and technology that powers the lift can be customized to suit your needs. A home lifts supplier can help you decide while type of lift is best for your home renovation project. 

Energy Efficiency

Homebuyers want to know their investment won’t cost them an arm and a leg down the road. More and more buyers are looking at homes with energy-efficient features. Many buyers even ask for multiple years of past utility bills to help gauge their costs. 

A solar-powered water heater can do a lot to help lower energy costs. Water heating typically accounts for 16% of energy costs. High-efficiency windows that are Energy Star certified can lower power bills, too. LED bulbs are also a great energy saver that have a much longer life-span than incandescent bulbs. 

New Roof

No homeowner puts a new roof on their list of wants because they expect the roof to be in good condition. If your roof could stand to be replaced, it’s a great place to start. A new roof can help avoid any fears of water damage or other problems that could pop up. Asphalt shingle roof installations are cheaper, but a metal roof installation will last longer.


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