Online casinos are popular, but that does not mean all players trust them. Players who prefer land casinos find it difficult to trust online casinos due to a variety of reasons which include security and fairness. As a result, there are many myths about online casino games and their fairness and integrity. 

Guest author Fabio Duarte looks to bust five of these myths by revealing some important facts about online casino sites. To find out more about Fabio Duarte, click here.

Myth #1: You cannot clear an online casino bonus. 

This is one of the most common online myths about casino winning, and nothing can be farther than the truth. 

We cannot deny the fact that there are many rogue casinos that attract players by offering extra-large bonuses. This is why you need to find an online casino that is licensed by a reputed gaming regulator and use a reliable casino strategy to win.

Many players, especially those signing up at online casinos for the first time, do not know that bonuses have terms and conditions, which they are required to read and understand. Licensed online casinos make their bonus terms clear and easy to understand. An average player can easily clear his/her bonuses at these casinos. 

What’s more, many smart players use online casino bonuses to boost their bankroll and make a profit from their online gambling activities. Sign up at a licensed, well-known, and well-regulated online casino and claim the bonus only after you read its terms and conditions well. This is very important when it comes to the best way to win at the casino and clear the bonus conditions. 

There are a lot of online casino players in the UK who think this way. One of the reasons for this is because many of these players tend to pick the wrong online casino and have a bad experience. If you are looking for a good online casino in the UK that gives out good bonuses, we suggest you try Slots Judge.

Myth #2: Minors can easily access online casinos. 

People who are against the legalization and regulation of online casinos believe that minors can easily access online casinos and become problem gamblers. But this is just not true. 

You have to reveal your date of birth to the online casino while registering an account, and online casinos do not allow you to proceed till they have conducted an age verification check. 

Even if a minor gets through the online casino’s age verification check, he/she won’t be able to deposit money without providing identification documents to the online casino. These documents include government-issued photo IDs, latest utility bills, front/back of credit cards used, proof of ownership of eWallets or other payment methods used, and others. This makes it impossible for minors to crack an online casino’s system and play for real money. 

Myth #3: Online casinos rig their games. 

Many players mistakenly believe that online casinos rig games to their advantage. Licensed online casinos cannot do this because they value transparency and allow you to view your game history whenever you wish.

Licensed online casinos want to remain in businesses and don’t want to dig their own graves by rigging their games. They partner with reputed software providers who spend a lot of money on testing their games for fairness, accuracy, and reliability. In addition, online casinos partner with independent auditors who periodically test their games and software and issue fairness certificates. 

You can view copies of these certificates as well as the payout percentage of each game at any licensed online casino. 

Myth #4: Online casinos do not pay winners. 

On the contrary, online casinos have hit the headlines for generating millionaires. Players have won prizes ranging from a few hundred to a few million dollars at online casinos, and they have received their winnings in their bank accounts. 

There are unlicensed rogue casinos that delay or withhold winnings without any valid reason, but licensed online casinos always pay their winners on time. That’s why they are still in business. 

Myth #5: Online casinos are more addictive than offline casinos. 

Online casino games are easier to access, but that doesn’t make them more addictive than land-based casino games. The truth is that online casinos track your gaming information carefully including every bet you place, the amount of time and money you spend, the number of times you access your account, and much more. 

Online casinos use this data to identify problem gambling behaviours, which makes them better equipped to nip compulsive gambling in the bud. They also encourage you to gamble responsibly and advise you to set deposit limits, gaming session limits and win/loss limits to control your casino spending. 

If things go out of control, you can request the online casino to exclude you from its services.


You will not have any problems with the five factors we listed above, provide you choose the right online casino!


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