Artificial grass – also known as fake grass is becoming a popular choice for homeowners in today’s fast-moving world. As modern life becomes increasingly stressful, it makes sense to turn to artificial grass as it takes much less time to manage and maintain. Throughout the years, the quality of artificial grass has become so good that it almost looks and feels like real grass. It really started as a trend in the 1960’s and was more commonly introduced as ‘’astro turf’’. However, it quickly evolved to artificial grass as you can now get fake turf available in multiple varieties and types.

There are various benefits of choosing artificial grass as an alternative to real grass. In this post, we will look at the five main benefits of artificial grass…

  1. Little Maintenance

Have you ever dreamed of having a lawn that needs little maintenance? With artificial grass, you will have your dream surface. Unlike with real grass, you’ll hardly ever have to water or mow your lawn which will save you hours of time to do the things you really want to do. The only time that your artificial surface will need maintenance is to clear any unwanted materials off it or occasionally wash and brush it to remove any excess debris. You can say goodbye to mowing your lawn every month with this modern alternative. 

  1. It’s Dog Friendly

With artificial grass, you’ll have the perfect solution for your beloved pet. Not only is fake grass permeable – allowing urine to drain through the surface – but it’s also easy to clear up and remove faeces without ruining your new turf.  If you want your dog to run wild and enjoy the freedom of your garden without worrying about ruined lawns and dirt being dragged through your property, then artificial grass is the perfect solution. You no longer must choose between a great looking lawn and letting your dog free. Choose abundance and allow yourself to have both!

  1. Eco-Friendly

As well as the great aesthetic look that you get from fake turf, it’s also eco-friendly. By replacing natural grass with artificial grass, you’ll be saving gallons of water every single year. Natural grass often requires pesticides throughout the year which can harm weeds and insects, as well as being toxic to the natural environment. With artificial grass, no pesticides are needed, and it looks just as good!

  1. Different Pricing Options Available

No matter what you’re looking for in terms of a price plan, there are various options to choose from when it comes to artificial grass. Here are just a few of the options on offer:

  • Classic – This is a great option for your garden if you’re looking for a high-quality turf at a low price. Classic artificial turf is ideal for standard gardens, lawns and the surface area around swimming pools.
  • Premium The premium category or artificial turf is of a higher quality and comes with five-star ratings from a range of customers. The premium collection is also available in longer lengths of turf.
  • Luxury – Outstanding artificial grass that is available for up to 40mm in capacity. 
  1. Aesthetically Pleasing

No matter the season, climate or weather, you can count on artificial grass to look aesthetically pleasing on the eye. You’ll be able to admire your fake turf from a distance without really maintaining it at all. In the summer months when you want to be making the most of the sun, you can simply enjoy your garden without worrying about keeping on top of it. Fake turf really becomes the foundation for family time in the sun.

As outlined in this post, there are many benefits to switching to artificial grass. With many businesses reporting a dramatic surge in business and some reporting up to a 50% increase year on year in sales, fake turf really is in-demand in the modern-day world. 


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