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A unique rescue charity based in Manchester, is looking to raise £175,000 to open up a new rescue centre.

 The kennel-free dog sanctuary is appearing on My Houseful of Animals on Channel 5 on Sunday at 8pm.

 The TV show, filmed last September, shines a light on the UK’s first free running rescue centre, which is owned by Emma Billington and Louise Fields. The duo have pioneered kennel free environments since they set the business up in 2013 and to date have rescued over 1,200 dogs from the UK and abroad.

Currently, the sanctuary is run from their home in Irlam, where 40 dogs are able to run around freely in an open space and sleep in the house. The dogs also live alongside other rescued animals including goats, sheep, hens, pigs, cats and rabbits.

The house includes two acres of land, which features a sandpit, trampoline, tunnels, water fall and other features for the animals to enjoy. It’s currently being renovated to create dedicated areas, such as agility and chill out spaces, to provide the dogs with more structure and routine in their day.

However, the charity has ambitions to set up a new, larger rescue and re-homing centre to help more dogs in need.

Emma Billington, owner of Dogs4Rescue, said: “At the moment our facilities are rather limited to cater for the large amounts of people interested in viewing our dogs, because we operate out of our home.

“We therefore want to invest in a larger unit so we can properly showcase the dogs and welcome as many visitors as possible. This will also enable us to rescue more dogs and give them more space and facilities to enjoy.”

Dogs4Rescue is solely funded by profits from its Daycare 4 Dogs dog crèche together with a variety of fundraising efforts and initiatives such as the golden paw club – where supporters can sponsor a dog for £5 a month.

Emma Billington continued: “At Dogs4Rescue, we are setting out to challenge and change the stigma associated with rescue dogs and to prove they are as adaptable, sociable and well behaved as any other pet. As well as encouraging more people to adopt, rather than buy, our aim is to also revolutionise the way dog rescues operate and encourage other organisations to move away from kennels, which can lead to stress and behavioural problems.

“Our dogs spend their days getting all the exercise, socialisation, stimulation, love and care that they need whilst waiting for their forever homes. They are free, happy and sleep in warm beds at night, completely unaware they are homeless dogs.

“By appearing on the TV show, we hope we can raise enough awareness and donations as possible to support our plight in creating the UK’s largest free running rescue and re-homing centre.”

To donate to Dogs4Rescue, please visit the Dogs4Rescue Just Giving Page – https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/dogs4rescuesnewhome


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