Stockport Council is planting nearly 800 new trees over the next three years, improving the environment along streets throughout the borough.

The £150,000 project is replacing trees that have been lost over the past few years, as well as replace those nearing the end of their lives with new ones, as part of our commitment to make Stockport a greener town.

Different species of trees will be planted with these including Oak, Lime, Ornamental Cherry, Rowan and Hawthorn. Trees will be planted with the type planted in each location chosen especially with conditions and the interest it will add to the local area in mind. The trees are planted with a stake and a cage to support and protect them.

Councillor Sheila Bailey, Cabinet Member for Housing and Communities at Stockport Council said: “We’re committed to making Stockport a greener and healthier town, and trees are one of the key ways we can help achieve this. As well as bringing a sense of the countryside into the heart of Stockport creating pleasant places in which to walk, cycle or sit, the trees also have an important role in helping to improve the environment and air quality across our town.”

Stockport has 15,500 street trees maintained on an on-going basis.


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