A series of elegant residential towers that “float” over a low-rise, intimate, mixed-use “Village” are amongst plans that have been revealed for the development of the former Granada Studios site in Quay Street.

The billion pound plans, which will see the Old Granda Studios converted into a hotel, are to be discussed at a meeting of Manchester Council’s Executive Committee this week.

The site was acquired last year by Manchester Quays Limited (MQL) a joint venture between the City Council and Allied London Properties Ltd following the relocation of ITV to MediaCity and covers around thirteen acres.

Under the plans, the area, which is to be rebranded St John’s to create a distinct identify and branding for the area, will, says the report, be a best-in-class city centre neighbourhood: a place to live, work and visit; a place for enterprise and innovation; for culture, entertainment and leisure; a unique proposition for Manchester that will raise its international profile and set it apart from its peer cities.

The development which will be in two tiers, The Village, A low-rise, intimate, mixed-use “Village” of 5-7 storey building including workspace, studio space, retail and leisure, together with a roofscape of residential uses and terraced gardens.

The second tier will be a series of elegant residential towers that “float” over the “Village” and provide views across the city centre. Taller buildings will be located to the west of the site, towards the River Irwell.

At its centre will be a two new hotels, a corporate 4-star offer and the refurbished HQ building as a new event hotel and entertainment destination and two to three dedicated arts and culture buildings


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