In today’s world, it is essential to maintain sustainability and prevent harm to our planet. Organic clothing, which is a much healthier and friendlier alternative to non-organic clothing ensures just that.

These kinds of clothes are made without using any kind of harmful chemicals or substances, and all the ingredients are natural and kid-friendly.

Organic kids clothes are eco-friendly and last for long periods of time, among other reasons. This article focuses on why you should always choose the best when it comes to your kids, and why organic clothing is considered the best.

1. Baby’s skin

It comes as no surprise that a baby’s skin is extremely tender and sensitive, especially when it comes to harmful chemicals.

By using organic clothes, you’re preventing your baby from being exposed to a wide variety of toxins and other chemicals that may potentially harm the soft skin of your kids.

2. Support organic farming

When you buy organic clothes for your kids, you not only help the environment but also help a large number of farmers who focus solely on organic farming. These farmers have understood the necessity of organic farming, and have all taken up methods to produce crops that are clean and eco-friendly.

3. Environment friendly

The world is drastically deteriorating thanks to the carelessness of us humans, but it’s never too late to rectify our mistakes.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) said that 2020 was the second-warmest year on record based on NOAA’s data, and the rate of temperature rise on the planet has been around 0.18 degrees Celsius per decade since 1981.

So it is extremely important to choose ingredients that can be recycled, like manure. Organic farming also uses crop rotation, an environment-friendly approach to traditional farming.

4. Lasts longer

Harmful chemicals and toxins present in non-organic clothing tend to damage the soft fibers of the clothes, leading to wear and tear. Organic clothing lasts up to 5 times longer, giving the ultimate comfort that your kids need.

5. Sustainable

Non-organic clothing requires huge amounts of water, which ultimately leads to extreme water pollution. It is believed that 20% of water pollution occurs due to just this. Organic clothes reduce usage and wastage of water significantly, thereby maintaining sustainability.

6. Cost-effective

As mentioned, organic clothes are much less prone to wear and tear and are extremely durable. This means you’ll have to buy much less replacements for your kid’s clothing, and can save a large amount of money that won’t be wasted on buying tonnes of harmful clothes every year.

7. Looks better

Synthetic and non-organic clothes tend to crumple easily, which puts a damper on how your baby looks. When you opt for organic clothes, the material looks fresh and smooth for hours due to the soft baby-friendly fibers which make your kid look as fresh as a daisy!

8. Easy maintenance

Organic clothing is easy to maintain and keep, such as washing them with a mild organic detergent and drying in sunlight. Non-organic clothes, however, require additional hassles like bleaching or ironing frequently which not only wastes time but also money.

9. Cruelty-free clothing

Cotton cultivation has resulted in the loss of several insect species owing to large amounts of insecticides and pesticides used in manufacturing. Moreover, these harmful chemicals are dumped in water bodies, causing the death of several aquatic organisms.

Organic clothing manufacture puts into consideration factors like biodegradability and cleanliness of the environment. This also helps to save organisms that contribute to the ecological balance of the earth.

10. Prevents diseases

The soft fibers used in organic clothing are a boon for your kid’s skin! They prevent a horde of diseases like common allergy or eczema.

A Baby’s skin is five times more tender than that of an adult’s, so air needs to pass comfortably through the clothing into the skin. Your baby’s skin is able to breathe in these fibers, which ensures glowing skin and a glowing baby!

Over to you…

In conclusion, it is high time we switch over to organic clothing for our kids since they are the flag-bearers of the future. When we teach them the advantages of using organic clothes, we ensure that the future of our planet is in safe hands by continuing to contribute to a healthier and happier world.

So in case you’re using non-organic clothes for your kids, it’s time to take a step back and think again. Switch over to organic clothes now and make a positive impact on tomorrow.


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