A new book, Britain’s forgotten railway stations, is highlighting one of Manchester’s gems Reddish South.

Writing in today’s Daily Telegraph, Dixe Wills lists Reddish as one of his ten favorites alongside such locations as Lympstone Commando, Devon, Burnley Barracks, and Talsarnau, Gwynedd.

Each has a fascinating story to tell and Wills writes of Reddish,

Pity Reddish South for it is served by a single solitary train each week. Passengers wishing to visit the station must wait for Friday and board the ‘Denton Flyer’ – the 10.13 service from Stockport to Stalybridge. Those who miss it face a 168-hour wait for the next train which, even by British standards, is quite an interlude. Worse still, if you’re stricken by an unquenchable desire to arrive at Reddish South from the north you’ll have to charter your own train. To add insult to infrequency the station doesn’t even get a proper mention in the timetable, appearing merely in footnote F to Table 78. A visit is well the worth the trouble though for the place is kept immaculate by the Friends of Reddish South Station and, beyond the flower beds, a bright and bold mural bears life-affirming aphorisms

Tiny Stations by Dixe Wills (AA Publishing, £16.99) will be published on April 1


  1. Many thanks for the item – couple of things – you really could have used a more recent photograph to head the article; thanks to the hard work of the Friends of Reddish South Station (FORSS)the station platform is now looking much improved compared to your picture – if you would like to see how we’re looking now please let me know. Can I also add that the ‘Denton Flyer’ is known as the ‘Reddish Rocket’ to those of us in Reddish! While we share a campaign to reopen the line for regular passenger use with our sister station in Denton we like to keep a separate identity! Come & join FORSS & FODS on our Good Friday Folk train late Breakfast Special – 10.10am from Stockport, 10.20am from Reddish South & 10.24am from Denton – goes to Stalybridge, make you own way back (Stalybridge has good links to Piccadilly & Victoria Stations). Stalybridge Buffet Bar has an excellent selection of food & drink and we provide the music!


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