A living room is an all-purpose and one of the most essential rooms in the house.  Living rooms are always a center of the congregation. It is more of a regular space where the family gathers for fun activities like playing games or watching television and spending most of their time filled with joy and happiness at home together. It is the room where guests and family members are entertained when they come to visit us. 

When it comes to decorating our house living room is usually our first thought as it plays a crucial role in our family life and social activities. They take on various roles, and creating a space that is both stylish and comfortable can be a bit of a challenge. To make sure that your living room looks just right without spending a ton of money, follow these 10 DIY ideas to transform your living room.

1- Use canvas photos

Canvas photos are a creative way to liven up space and artistically update a room. These photos add charm and are a cost-effective way to spruce the living room.

Canvas photos stick out like a sore thumb to show off our favorite photos whether you want to display recent family photo, stunning photos of vacation which manifests the unique personality of the family or an inspiring quote to provide a daily boost. 

A blank wall of the living room can be made more attractive by turning it into a beautiful gallery wall and making it the focal point of the house. They complete the interior designing scheme. 

2- Use braided rugs

The easiest way to transform, update, and add beauty to your living room is to decorate it with braided rugs. They have a profound impact on a home; they bring colorful designs and patterns into a dull room without overwhelming it. 

They can also be used as a focal decor piece or to define an exciting area. Braided rugs not only add beauty to the room but also protect the fitted carpet or the hardwood floor. They provide comfort and inexpensively add warmth and elegance to the office.

3- Window dressing

Bring relaxed elegance and easily livability to your living room by proper window dressing. As windows are the cynosures of any room window dressing is as important as any other element in your decor. A simple switch of curtains has the power to change the look and feel of a living room completely. 

They bring just enough extra life and give the room an extra edge. Different curtains add different style like even curtains add architectural and modern appeal, swag prairie curtains rustic, romantic and rural style of decoration. Window dressing has the feel of what you would like the space to say.

4- Use Throw pillows

Throw pillows add character, color to our living room depending upon fabric, print, and texture that we select. The quickest and most affordable way to transform a living room is by changing the throw pillows. 

A combination of different color and size of cushions can be used while layering them on the couch. When layered on the couch, which is the most significant piece of furniture in the living room, they completely change the look and beautify it, which indirectly transforming the living room. 

5- Add a mirror

A well-placed mirror adds so much sophistication, detail, and purpose to your living room, in fact, the best thing that you can do to transform your living room is to add a mirror. A big mirror in a small room creates an illusion of space and depth and can help make it feel bigger. If placed opposite to windows, it can brighten the living room. A room looks automatically more detailed and put together if it has a great mirror.

6- Build a bookshelf

Bookshelves can take countless forms and quickly built like a bookshelf made of crates. They not only add more storage to the living room but also add modishness to the living room. They can hold more than just books and can be used to display all sorts of exciting matters. 

They can be integrated to function as complicated storage for the living room. A small bookshelf is a practical option for a small room where there is not enough space for large wall units, which is very affordable.  Bookshelves simplify the decor and make the room look more modern.

7- Painted bottled vases

Empty bottle and jars of different sizes and shapes can be painted and transformed into beautiful vases. These vases complete the interior design and brighten up the living room using flowers complementing the upholstery. Fresh flowers bring new energy and life, and the ever-living room is in dire need of them. Flowers are not necessary as these painted vases are centerpieces on their own. We just need to put them on the side table to have a unique piece of furniture that adds some personality to the room.  

8- Decorating with ladder

Ladders have crept into our home decor, and using it makes a practical sense. The slim profile and openness of the ladder make it useful in many contexts. They can easily be hung on a wall or stand in the room, and items can be put on rungs. It can be used as a bookshelf to display decorative objects like painted bottled vases, hang blankets and towels or if it is suspended from the ceiling it can be used for hanging lanterns giving an elegant look to the living room.

9- Crate coffee table

Decorating the living room can be pretty expensive, especially with new furniture. An inexpensive, easy to make and stylish solution for this problem is a crate coffee table. A decorated and sophisticated table in the center is just what you are looking to transform your living room.

10- Photo lamp

For this, you just need a plastic bottle, LED, and printed images or photos. Cut the base of the bottle and insert LED light from that side, wrap the image around the bottle and connect LED with an electric cord and you have a custom lamp this would give a funky look if put in the living room. These lamps can be made to sit on a table or can hang them from the ceiling as a custom night light.


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