Gary Nicholls is one of the UK’s top steampunk fine art photographers and he will be appearing at the amazing Timequake event at the BEC in Manchester this weekend

At the event he will be uniquely setting up his studio to create a street scene photographing selected steampunks from the area, to be included in Book II from the Imaginarium Trilogy.

This is s chance for steampunks to be effectively immortalised in a Gary Nicholls image, which will have worldwide recognition!

Gary’s work is unique, he only uses real steampunks in all his images – 8,500 images were taken for Book I with over 600 hours spend on one image, 150 steampunks involved, six years in the making and eleven countries featured

Below is the last street scene featuring London, Bradford and Cambridge – the new street scene will highlight Manchester.

Each image has taken between 100-350 hours to produce, with the street scene taking over 600 hours.

Nicholls’ utilises a layering technique harking back to the old masters, with not only these skills but also his meticulous attention to the vital details of shadows and light, influenced greatly by artists such as Caravaggio. “All images are completely formed in my mind before I set about picking up my camera,” says Gary. Nicholls prints the final image on large metal sheets to enhance the depth and luminosity of his stunning photography.

The influence of old masters’ techniques, such as Caravaggio, Hogarth and Rembrandt, are apparent throughout his work as he builds layers of detail from multiple photographs taken personally from locations as diverse as New York City, London, Barcelona, Cambodia, Poland, Kefalonia and Portugal.

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