Visitors to Knowsley Safari are in for a treat this summer following the birth of adorable baby yak, Benny.  

The male offspring to resident parents 4-year-old Heidi and 4-year-old Harry, like all other hoofed babies he walked within around 10 minutes of being born.  At just over three weeks old, and weighing approximately 20kg, his arrival takes Knowsley Safari’s domestic yak family up to four, with Heidi’s female relative also a settled resident. 

Large, hardy herbivores originating from the Himalayas, yaks have a history dating back between 1 million and 5 million years.  Similar to an ox or cow, the domesticated yak species has been around for approximately 5,000 years after humans discovered how useful the wild yak could be for meat, clothing and shelter fabric.   

Visitors can keep an eye out for the new arrival and his relatives on the five-mile Safari Drive, along with Knowsley Safari’s pride of lions which roam around the cars, rhino, camels, wildebeest and many more amazing animals.  As domestic yaks are often heard make grunting noises, leading to the nickname, “The Grunting Ox”, you may well hear them before you see them!

A fascinating species, guests can find out some surprising facts about yaks during their visit. For example, yaks’ long, thick coats protect them in temperatures lower than -40 degrees Celsius and yak down, the under layer of a yak’s winter coat, is actually an extremely rare sustainable, renewable fibre. 

Rachel Scott, Head of Marketing, Knowsley Safari said, “Understandably, births always create an incredible sense of excitement amongst our team so we’re delighted that visitors can share in this over the summer. 

Since we re-opened, we’ve been overwhelmed by the support of our guests and we’re looking forward to continuing to welcome families for a fantastic, fun-filled day over the school holidays.” 

To visit Knowsley Safari guests must pre-book tickets and a timeslot online here.

With contactless entry and enhanced hygiene regimes and social-distancing measures in place across the Safari’s 550-acre site, guests can be assured of one of the country’s safest days out.


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