The winter months are finally gone and summer is hot on our heels. Have you found yourself trying to turn up your car’s aircon and it’s not working? 

There’s nothing worse than to find out your car won’t get cool whilst temperatures are rising. We’re here to outline the common issues as to why your aircon isn’t working as it should.

Blowing out hot air

The aircon in your vehicle relies heavily on the coolant system of your car. If the aircon is blowing out hot air, this could be due to the lack of coolant, or may even be an issue with your condenser. 

If the problem is the lack of coolant, there could be a leak from your coolant system which can often be difficult to identify. This leak will evaporate as soon as it hits an area with low pressure.

Bad smell 

If your aircon hasn’t been switched on for a while due to the winter months, there may be a build up of dirt and bacteria that causes an awful smell. This can be solved by a simple clean and ensuring your aircon is switched on frequently to prevent this becoming a regular occurrence. 

Bad smells can also be down to the leaking of unwanted fluids making their way into the coolant system. Regular checks are imperative to reducing any further damage.


Your aircon may be making a frustrating noise which isn’t ideal over the summer months. The compressor or condenser fan could need replacing. 

The compressor is the main part of your aircon system and can often cause a number of problems. This could be down to the lack of lubricant circulating through the compressor, which may require you to look at getting an aircon service

The condenser fan is responsible for removing the warm air out of the car and swapping this with cold air, creating a cool environment when you’re feeling too hot. If there’s an issue with the fan, it can allow heat into the aircon system, resulting in it making different sounds once its turned on. 


If you’re not keeping up regular maintenance of your car’s aircon, this may cause it to leak over time. As the condenser fan is located at the front of the car, it can potentially be prone to damage from stones on the road. 

Bacteria and mould can also damage the system and cause wear and tear. To prevent leaks and any further complications, frequent checks will go a long way and can help save you money in the long run. 

Look out for signs that your aircon is working as it should and don’t leave it too long until it gets fixed.


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